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5 Best Gyms In Hyderabad For Fitness Lovers


If you are planning to switch from home workouts to exercising in best gyms in Hyderabad, we have just the places for you. Not only these are among the top gyms in Hyderabad, but each one of them is renowned for its holistic and practical approach to help you become a fitter and better you. The gym fees in Hyderabad varies depending upon its facilities it provides and the area you are looking for.

Benefits of working out every day

One should squeeze in a couple of hours every week to stay fit and healthy. With the national lockdown and paranoia over the new virus, fitness centres were shut, and many people resorted to working out at home. From skipping to yoga and HIIT regimes, there are plenty of online tutorials for guidance.

However, when it comes to strength training and working out the entire body, the fitness centre in Hyderabad has all the machines and equipment you need to get in shape. Whether it is triceps, biceps, or a solid leg day, some things can only be done at a gym, and these are the best gyms in Hyderabad. All of them have the right precautions and safety measures in place to ensure you a safe and stress-free workout.

List of Best Gyms in Hyderabad:

1. Pulse 8

Pulse – Live More Zone

One of the best gyms in Hyderabad, Pulse 8 is the epitome of fitness for the citizens of Hyderabad. Initially set up in 2000, the gym or fitness centre has come a long way and curated personalized diet and workout plans for their clients. You can achieve all your fitness goals when you join Pulse 8 to ensure you do the exercise you love the best. There are instructors for everything like kickboxing, Zumba, power yoga, and cross-fit. All of these are combined to ensure you get a full-body workout and become a fitness junkie for life.

2. Kris Gethin Gyms

Kris Gethins – Live More Zone

If you are looking for a unique set of exercises, Kris Gethin Gyms in Hyderabad are the place for you. Started by the renowned Instagram fitness personality from London – Kris Gethin himself, there are new variations of the same old exercises and a holistic approach to achieving all your fitness goals. Moreover, you are guided by experts all the way and the power stretching exercises are something you would want to incorporate in your workout regime for life.

Before joining the gym, you can also check out his Instagram account with a whopping following 463K people and daily updates on different types of exercises. It gives you an idea of what you will get to do at this gym.

3. Fitness Lounge

Fitness Lounge – Live More Zone

There is a professional fitness centre with beasts of a machine and highly qualified trainers for professionals. This gym in Hyderabad is the Fitness Lounge. It has world-class equipment and exercise machines that will work up your entire body. Moreover, a team of trained professionals ensures you are doing each exercise in the correct form. What’s more? The person involved and owned fifty percent of Fitness Lounge’s franchise is a master trainer who has worked under the aegis of Kris Gethin. He is also the personal fitness coach to the mega-star of the South Indian Film Industry – Mahesh Babu. Do we need to say more?

4. Quad – The Fitness Hub

Quad – Live More Zone

If you are more inclined towards Zumba-centric classes and fitness regimes, Quad is the place for you. Started in the year 2017, it has the equipment and all the machines for a great workout. From strength training to practising under professionals, you get to do it all right here.

But their USP is the extensive Zumba classes that help you work out in a fun and holistic way where you connect with your fellow gym members.

5. Talwalkars

Talwalkars – Live More Zone

Started in the 1930s, Tawalkars is a well-established gym and fitness centre with many branches in Hyderabad. This is one of the best gyms in Hyderabad and offers various workout forms like power yoga, Zumba, and such. Moreover, it is perfect for students and people with a budget as it is renowned for its annual plans and monthly rates that make holistic and well-functional gyms affordable for everyone.

Whether you practice indoors, outdoors, or at a gym, the ultimate goal is to stay fit. And to do so, you need to be in your best activewear. Shop for all of it with your digibank by DBS debit card. You can avail the extra discount at various merchant stores. Know all about it here. Stay fit, healthy, and safe.

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