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#HyderabadCollectibles – Here Is Where You Can Stock Up On Attar In The City


The word attar or ittar comes from the Persian ‘atr’ meaning perfume or fragrance. What makes it different from your regular commercially available perfumes is the fact that attars don’t contain alcohol {since alcohol is prohibited in Islam}.

And since they contain essentials oils, the fragrance is most often chemical free and long lingering. If you are looking to get some of these exotic treasures, there is no better place the old lanes of Hyderabad that host some traders that have the age-old secret formula to these potions.

1. Purandas Ranchoddas & Sons

Purandas Ranchoddas & Sons - Live More Zone

For Purandas Ranchoddas, attar making has been a family legacy and they’ve been around since 1896. They were the official attar suppliers to the Nizams in 1920. The store was first started near the Mecca Masjid but later moved to Gulzar House after an unfortunate fire accident in 1935.

The family-run store boasts a stunning collection of fragrances created by the family members. They blend their own perfumes by importing aromas and essential oils from Mumbai, Kolkata, and France. If you are looking for something that truly exotic, handcrafted and regal, you cannot miss a visit to this store. Their most popular fragrances include, Pahadi Phool, Hara Gulab, Aman, Umar Khayyam, Mannat, Nuiloufer, among others.

Address: Gulzar House Road, Panje Shah, Pathar Gatti, Hyderabad

Contact: 040 24576203

2. Nizam Attar Perfumes

Nizam Attar Perfumes - Live More Zone

Nizam Attar has been around since 1840 making it one of the oldest perfumers in the city of pearls. A favourite among locals, this hidden gem holds an excellent range of rare fragrances like oud, muqallat, amber, shamama, among others.

These trusted attar makers have stuck to the traditional methods of attar making and still do not price their products too high. You will love the friendly and well-informed staff who will guide you to buy only the best.
Tip – They have an extensive collection, so make sure you keep your card handy for easy payment options.

Address: Mahboob Chowk, Khilwat, Hyderabad

Contact: 040 2457 8582

3. Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Perfumes - Live More Zone

This may seem like a contemporary, fancy store but the products that they have are only the traditional attars that you’d expect to buy in the nawabi city of Hyderabad. The modern store in a mall with ample parking and enough space to explore the wide range they have only makes it a slightly more preferred stop for perfume shoppers given how crowded old city lanes are.

The staff at Ajmal Perfumes are all experts and will patiently guide you to buying the best according to your liking and occasion. Oud has been their top seller for years.

Address: Podium Mall ground floor, Toli Chowki, Hyderabad

Contact: 9701533100

4. Gulnar Co. Perfumers

Gulnar Co. Perfumers - Live More Zone

If you wish to buy genuine attars at affordable prices, Gulnar Co. Perfumers is your place. They sell authentic fragrances at wholesale rates and hence are the perfect choice for perfume lovers and collectors. They have rare attars like Riyah Ul Jannah that aren’t sold much at other stores. There’s hardly any name that you won’t find here. A must visit if you’re looking for the rarest of the rare.

Address: Opposite Bachelor Building, Clock Tower, Mouzamjahi Market, JN Road, Hyderabad

Contact: 9848131403


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