11 June 2020 | 4 min read

5 Furniture Pieces That Deserve Your Investment


The most important special space in your life is your “home”. For everyone, home is associated with the feeling of warmth. While decorating home or setting up this important space with classy furniture pieces, there are a few vital things to be considered.

And though every piece of furniture that you buy needn’t burn a hole in your pocket, some items certainly deserve a little extra investment as they go a long way considering their functionality. So, don’t feel guilty for going a little OTT on the following items.

1. Good Quality Bed

Good Quality Bed - Live More Zone

The most common mistake people make when buying a bed is how much they spend on a mattress. It must be remembered that the most expensive, trendy brands aren’t always the best. If not researched well, you might end up with a super expensive mattress {they can cost as high as a few lakhs} on a cheap and inferior quality bed. Ideally, look for a good quality bed {again, need not be super expensive; but reasonable nonetheless} that will last you years.

Check out your local market, and we promise you will find an inexpensive mattress maker who will customise your mattress according to your needs. These cost somewhere around INR 300-500. Remember to not compromise on the bed frame. Not only will it last longer, but also make your room look great.

2. Sofa Sets

Sofa Sets - Live More Zone

The second important piece of furniture you shouldn’t compromise on is your seating arrangement. Do not compromise on your needs and budget here. There have been cases when people have bought inexpensive sofa sets and the polish chips off, or the cushions rips within days. In such cases, you end up spending much more on repair or buying a new one.

What you can do is, buy a high-quality sofa sets and get the cushions handmade by your local furniture guy. You can choose your favourite style of fabrics and design and get it stitched according to your preference. This trick will help last the sofa last much longer than you’d expect.

3. Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves

Kitchen Cabinets - Live More Zone

You absolutely wouldn’t want to be disappointed in this area. One of the most critical areas of your home – the kitchen – not only needs to look and feel good but also be very organised. Spend a little extra while planning your kitchen. It’ll be worth every rupee.

Make sure that the shelves and stands, drawers, racks and cabinets are excellent quality. You wouldn’t want things coming crashing down on placing one extra pot on the shelf. Also, good quality material ensures that the storage space doesn’t hold moisture and thus keep pests at bay.

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4. Table

Table- Live More Zone

It doesn’t matter if you get just one. But you need this home furniture. It is used for eating, working, and keeping your stuff. Depending on your budget, think of how many tables you need in the house. If your pocket doesn’t allow separate tables for dining, work, study, etc., invest in one sturdy, a good looking table that’s large enough for you to place things, dine and at times place your laptop and work too.

5. Closets and Cupboards

Closet - Live More Zone

Do not think about spending a little extra if you are getting value for money for this piece of furniture. Cupboards should be large enough to accommodate all your clothing, valuables, documents, books, other personal belongings or whatever you think needs to be stored away from dust and the reach of kids or guests. Good quality polish, rust-free hinges and locks, enough shelves and drawers, and other such things come at a price. Do not hesitate to pay for it. You won’t regret it.

If it is not possible to buy these furniture pieces all at once, save and spend bit by bit each month. But do not rush to purchase inexpensive furniture pieces to avoid future overspending and regrets.



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