19 August 2020 | 3 min read

Confused About How To Remit Money Abroad? This Guide Has You Sorted


Keep love and life undelayed with digibank’s effortless international fund transfers. Gone are the days when you had to depend on a third party to send money abroad to your loved ones. Now sending money to them is easier and quicker than ever with digibank remit. It lets you remit money online from any part of the globe through an Internet-accessible smartphone or computer. That means you do not have to wait in line or drive to a money transfer agent location or a bank to remit money – you can do it at your convenience. Read on to know more about digbank remit and how it can make things easier for you with a few clicks.

Step by step guide to remit money with digibank

  1. Log in to the digibank iBanking website – Once you log in to digibank, oversees payee needs to be added before initiating an overseas payment. Once you enter necessary details such as payee’s full name, account number, bank details, etc. should be kept handy. Ensure that you download and log in to digibank at least once before you add a new overseas payee. After the payee is set up, the newly added payee will be automatically saved, which means that you can transfer money to them without entering their details on the second transfer.
  2. Click on overseas transfer – Now you need to click on the ‘Overseas Transfer’ tab within ‘Pay & transfer’. For adding new oversees payee, follow the above steps or ‘Start a transfer’ in case of already added payees.
  3. Click on pay & transfer – Once the payment request is completed, a confirmation email/message will be sent to your registered mobile number and email address.

Tracking Your Payment

Purpose of remitting money

Once the overseas transfer request is placed on digibank Internet Banking, you will automatically receive a transaction confirmation message on your registered mobile number and email address. You can track the status on transaction history page which will be updated once we successfully process your payment.

Your payee will receive the amount as per the cut-off time advised on the payment confirmation page. In case, your transaction has not been completed as per the ‘Estimated Arrival’ shown on the transaction confirmation page. Please reach out to us on our dedicated Remittance Customer Care no. 1860 208 7368 from 10 am to 7 pm on working days or write to us at

What makes digibank the perfect remittance partner?

  1. It’s entirely digital and so easy that it doesn’t feel like banking. It does its job without overwhelming you with paperwork or running around.
  2. It guarantees an instant transaction. Whether it’s an emergency or not, it’s a great thing that your loved ones are receiving money the same day you are sending it, right?
  3. digibank’s higher transfer limit is yet another feature that makes it a perfect companion to remit money.
  4. Its more extensive global network enables you to send money to your loved ones no matter how far they are from you.
  5. When you use digibank remit to transfer money, you don’t have to pay any fees – No fees imposed on your recipient either.
  6. Its facilities are all days, at all times. This means that you can initiate overseas money transfer request online at early morning hours or midnight, depending on your convenience. You can log in and place foreign payment request anytime, even on holidays. The payment request will be processed on the next working day as per the cut-off time defined for overseas transfers, available on the website.
  7. That is not- digibank Remit is backed by DBS, which is Asia’s safest, world’s Best Bank.

Purpose of digibank Remit

Digibank remit guide

digibank remit allows you to remit money abroad for the following purposes

  • Maintenance of Family / Close Relatives Abroad
  • Education Fees Abroad (including fees, hostel expenses etc.)
  • Emigration
  • Any medical expenses 
  • Travel expenses like holiday trips & settlement of international credit card transactions)
  • Business Travel
  • Travel for Education 
  • Travel for Medical Treatment
  • Travel for Pilgrimage
  • Gifts / Donation 

No matter what your purpose for international fund transfers is, digibank remit is made for you. So next time when you think of doing a fund transfer abroad, think of digibank remit! You can watch our video guide here.



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