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Home Decor Trends That Are Here To Stay


We are massive fans of interior design, home decor, and all things decorating. We could spend hours just scrolling through interior photos on Pinterest and Instagram, dreaming of how to decorate a home with tons of natural light, a beautiful white farmhouse kitchen, and an open floor plan. After all, our homes express our dreams and strivings, and it is meant to be our stress-rescue retreat that can quickly transform our mood.

In all of this scrolling and daydreaming about decorating a house, we have picked up on a few of the biggest home decor trends that are here to stay. That’s not all- if you are looking to redecorate your home and finding yourself lacking funds, digibank has you sorted. With personal loans of up to INR 15 lakhs, digibank makes it effortlessly easy to avail loans, giving you more time for life. Apply for a personal loan here.

Here are seven of the most stunning home decor trends that you can incorporate into your wish-list right away.

1. Floral Or Forest Walls

Forest Walls - Live More Zone

Floral is the trendiest, the most comfortable, and adaptive design loved by every single person on this planet. The graphic statement-making patterns are inspired by nature, that can lift your mood without overpowering the space.

The most subtle yet striking floral patterns add a feminine touch to your space, turning it into an everlasting spring abode. The botanical prints have been in trend for the longest of time, and this year, their big, bold & bright renditions have made it to the classic 2020 interior trend.

2. Black N Bold

Black N Bold  - Live More Zone

If incorporated right, blacks are the chicest & elegant color tone for your home. Being an overpowering and avant-garde color, it adds richness to your whole set up and makes it a highlight in your space. Black Kitchen interiors are massively in, and when paired with metals, they are a real treat to the eyes.

If you are planning to fuse black in living space or bedrooms, let the yin-yang duo be the master. Black & white are a match made in heaven, which is why you can find endless possibilities with the pair. White can easily cut the dominance of bold black, thus can perfectly balance your interior hues.

3. Biophilic Designs

Biophilic Designs - Live More Zone

In this fast-paced world, we are working 24 hours and 365 days, which has made us lose our touch with nature. Also, the recurring nature deterioration has made it a concern to strive towards a sustainable planet—Biophilia stars with your home.

Natural spaces with live fountains, trees, plants, climbers are introduced indoors to build a closer connection with nature. It ensures the well-being of the people around by reducing stress levels and increasing productivity. The green color is known for its calming effect, and while you are around home greeneries, it can leave a positive impact on your mood.

4. Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals -Live More Zone

Metals will be making a great comeback. A mix and match of warm metals like bronze, copper, brass, etc. along with cool metals like steel & silver tones are here to give you a regal experience. Mix two to three metals at one go, and it will result in something extraordinary. Beautiful clean metal cuts will give your space a rustic vibe, and add to the modern charm. The clean lines & clutter-free silhouettes will enhance your entire set up.

5. Maximal Designs

Maximal Designs - Live More Zone

Minimalism is out, and Maximalism is in – the best way to incorporate this into your space is by pairing it with minimal sleek furniture along with long & oversized decorative pieces like huge lamps, wall motifs, etc. This artistic abstract is this trend’s specialty.

It can be easily worked up with clean white interiors along with bold art-centric design elements. Make sure to balance it out so that it doesn’t dominate the arrangement and doesn’t disrupt the alignment.

6. Layering Old & New

Layering Old And New - Live More Zone

It is the season to embrace vintage & modern furniture in unison. People have become quite experimental with their picks, and mixing olden pieces with new is a smart & tactical way not to let go of that heritage & expensive vintage furniture your parents handed you over. A dash of light or neutral color with fresh designs like brickwork or textured walls can accentuate this set up beautifully.

Make sure if you are going for traditional furniture pieces such as a vintage bookshelf or coffee tables, combine it with silky textures like chic rugs, tabletops, sofa covers that can make the ambiance lively.

7. Earthy Tones

Multi-Functional Spaces - Live More Zone

While we are striving to strike off all discomforts & clutter, this timeless, comforting interior is a dream, to begin with when planning a transformation. The pastel natural & earth tones are the subtle yet massive interior transformation that you need to have. From beautiful woody to mint to pale pinks & blues, this setup creates a doorway to serenity in your space. These cheerful colors add a delicate elegance and help the area to be airy & pretty by all means.

8. Multi-Functional Spaces

Earthy Tones - Live More Zone

The spaces are becoming more fluid concerning their usage. Gone are the days when you needed a separate working space or extra guest rooms. If you have got an unused space, rather than building it into something that is used twice a year (since work from home means you on your comfy couch), you can get that dreamy walk-in- wardrobe.

People have wasted tons of money in making home offices that they never made justice to, so make sure you utilize your spaces properly. Please take out a corner and get yourself a foldable table that can be productive when it comes to office work & other purposes.



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