4 November 2020 | 3 min read

4 Benefits Of Sending Money As Gifts To Your Loved Ones Abroad


The holiday season is here. With festivals just around the corner, there are going to be a number of occasions when you’d want to send gifts to loved ones. Deciding on gifts for your loved ones is a tricky task. But sending money as a gift can make this process stress free, here you know why.

At the risk of seeming the least creative, believe it or not, money is the best gift you can send to the people you love, especially if they’re living overseas. It is probably the least creative or “romantic”, but thoughtful, nonetheless.

If you’re living and working away from family and friends, in a foreign land, you may be sending money regularly to your home country to support your dear ones. However, in addition to the money sent for financial support, there are times when you wish to gift them something special to surprise them. Irrespective of your nationality or religion, there are festivals and events when your friends and family expect gifts, and you would also want to send gifts.

Why choose to transfer money

Even though some may say that sending money lacks imagination, the Post and couriers may be completely unreliable at times. For instance, in the case of Diwali or Christmas or even a birthday, there’s a date that you need to meet. Festivals can be a time of high demand for couriers and postal services, and this can lead to delays in delivery. Plus, there is also the risk of parcels being damaged or lost in transit. Also, international delivery costs are high.

– When you choose to transfer money, you can rest assured that the gift will reach on time and reach safe.
– You also avoid the stress of shopping for a gift and the worry of whether or not the recipient will like it.
– You save the time that you spend thinking, window shopping and buying the gift.

These are the very basic reasons why gifting money overseas is an appealing alternative to conventional gifts.

1. Money gets transferred efficiently

Efficient Money Transfer

An electronic money transfer made directly to your loved one’s account is the most efficient way of sending money overseas, and much faster than sending a package via post. Also, sending funds in the recipient’s country currency makes it even more preferable. Some banks or payment gateways take 2-3 days for the money to get deposited in the recipient account while some do it immediately. So, not just for financial help, if you are a last-minute shopper or if you’ve forgotten to send a gift on time, quick money transfer can be a lifesaver.

2. Online transfer is reliable and secure

Reliable online money transfer

The old-fashioned way of sending cash via the post can be risky and should be avoided if possible. You are in greater control in online transfer; wherein you can track your money and get quick updates on your phone.

3. Sending money is simple

Sending money is simple

Often, transferring money online is super simple! All you do is fill up forms with your bank and deposit the money in your local currency. When you submit recipient details and recipient’s local currency, along with their bank account details, you need not worry about what to do next. You can sit back and relax as your friend or family member receives the money and thanks to you for it.

4. You can choose from a range of currencies

Range of currencies

Almost all electronic money transfers can be carried out in a vast majority of international currencies. So, whether your special someone is based in the UK, China or Croatia – you don’t need to worry at all.



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