19 October 2020 | 4 min read

Have Your Dream Wedding In Times Of COVID


Were you planning to get hitched this year? From the banquet to your pretty ensembles that was custom-made, you had everything planned out down to the last detail. But the pandemic put a pause on all the planning, and now you sit waiting to do create your dream wedding on a different day.

How about making the most of all you have right now and tying the knot with a lockdown wedding? Of course, you won’t have all your extended friends and family with you, but the close ones will be there, and that is what matters, right?

With the pandemic, people are turning over a new leaf when it comes to planning the dream wedding and going for an intimate ceremony from the comfort of their home and their entire clan in attendance, albeit virtually. It may not be what you imagined, but it is something better and beautiful, if you get a little creative.

How To Plan Your Wedding Now?

Throw all your conventional wedding planning tips out the window and settle for something surreal when you plan your wedding in lockdown. Scale down the size and budget of everything and count the number of people who you would want to share this personal and intimate experience with. Proceed with the following tips in mind.

1. Create A Short Guest List

Create a guest list

Like we said, downsizing on everything is the first step to planning your lockdown wedding. Ideally, Indian weddings see a guest list of 200-500 people. But with the government-imposed limit of only 50 people in attendance, you can easily tone down this list and accordingly plan the food, seating, and other arrangements.

2. Plan Everything Well

Plan your wedding

Next up in the planning process should be setting sanitization points at every exit and entry of your home. If you are planning on having multiple functions, space them out by a day to ensure enough time for sanitization between each event. Keep in mind the social distancing, food preparation norms and adhere to all the guidelines. Convey all of this to your guests as well so they are stress-free on your happiest day.

3. Pay Attention To Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Indoor and Outdoor Decor

Just like everything else, keep your decor simple yet elegant. An intimate wedding doesn’t require loud aesthetics to impress everyone. Thus, if you are going for an indoor wedding, decorate it with flowers, tea candles floating in water in a huge bowl and photos and other memorabilia reminding you of the days that brought you and your would-be-partner here.

For an outdoor wedding in your lawn, terrace, or garden, go all out with fairy lights, lanterns, candles and all the works. Make sure your entire space is lit and feels beautiful. Of course, don’t skimp on the other important arrangements like sanitizers and social distancing.

4. Invite The Remaining Guests Virtually

Invite guest virtually

A lot of people went with a leaner list like 10-20 guests in the lockdown weddings and invited the rest via conference calls. If your closest friends and family members are still in different countries or cities, you can do the same. Make sure you send a formal invite, play games (virtually), keep a virtual party, have Sangeet and other performances and ask everyone to dress up. It is your day, after all!

5. Make The Most Of The Money Saved

Save most of the money

Now that you have toned down on the guest list and have other necessary arrangements in place, your wedding expenses will automatically come down. The one boon of the intimate weddings happening in lockdown is that it has drastically brought down the budget. From an average of INR 15-20 lakhs that is usually spent on organizing everything for the D-day, people are now just spending around INR 2-4 lakh on the smaller ceremony and parties for their friends.

With so much money being saved thanks to the lockdown weddings, one can easily keep the surplus aside to splurge on their honeymoon, do something for themselves or simply start a retirement fund.

Young couples starting out their journey as man and wife will need that extra money to spend on home decor, furnishing, a new car and plenty of other things. If they are looking for purchasing a new house, this money could easily be used to pay the down payment on one instead of procrastinating this to a later date.

6. Start A FD, RD Or Emergency Fund

Start investments

An ideal thing to do would be to create an emergency fund by opening an RD or FD with a trusted bank account. Given the uncertainty of life (thanks to the pandemic), this is one thing that millennial couples need the most and ignore in equal measure. Emergency funds will help you tide over unforeseen situations.

You can also put this money in your savings account, equity-based Mutual Funds for your retirement and various other schemes. If you are looking for opening a Fixed Deposit, digibank by DBS has the best option with its lucrative interest rates and hassle-free formalities.

Don’t skimp on your wedding day preparations but at the same time, make sure you are putting your extra money to a fruitful endeavor. Of course, spending on your honeymoon or creating a lifestyle you desire counts, but nothing beats a Fixed Deposits or putting money towards your retirement fund.



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