9 August 2018 | 2 min read

4 Ways To Meet New People In Mumbai


Moving to a new city is hard – you’re readjusting to a different pace without the support of your friends and family. Mumbai is no exception but, while the city can feel quite lonely if you’re starting here, some places and people can make it feel like home. If only you know where to look. To that end, here are four ways to meet new people in Mumbai without any awkwardness.

1. Find A Community

Let interests be icebreakers. Whether you’re interested in music , running, books or photography, there’s more than one Mumbai-based community you can reach out.

Monthly SofarSounds gigs are a great way to meet new people – you can apply to be invited for one. You can also check out groups like Secret Sessions for intimate gigs hosted at top-secret venues across the city. Mumbai’s readers are organized into different active Facebook communities, like Broke Bibliophiles or Books On Toast, that encourage regular meet-ups.

Safar Sounds - Live More Zone

Source: Sofar Sounds

2. Venues Are Everything

Mumbai is a chilled-out city; even a night about town could lead to making new friends so long as you make a beeline for the right kind of places. The Cuckoo Club in Bandra has a lovely vibe about it. So, check out their Facebook page for information about upcoming events – the venue lends itself nicely to performing arts like theatre or stand-up comedy. AntiSocial, Khar is a safe bet, on most nights of the week, for good music and conversation.

3. Get Fit!

A workout buddy may be just the thing you need – join any of Mumbai’s thriving fitness communities, and you’re bound to meet new people. Cycling enthusiasts can check out Facebook groups like Ghatkopar Cycling Club or Cycling for Foodies. If you’re looking to join a runner community, reach out to groups like Strangers, Pinkathon, Mumbai Road Runners or Bombay Running.

You can also score some cool gadgets for your fitness journeys here .

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Source: Mumbai Road Runners

4. Take A Solo Trip

And you’re guaranteed to run into fellow solo travellers with great stories to share. Since you’re new to the city, it’s best to let professionals chalk up an itinerary for you. Groups like Let’s Get Lost, or Mumbai Travellers organise trips around Mumbai regularly, giving you the opportunity to discover hidden getaways and make new friends. Don’t forget to rent a car using your digibank Debit Card, so that you can travel in ease. Where are you going next?

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