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Take-Home A Furry Friend At These Pet Adoption Centers In Mumbai


If you’re looking to own a pet but aren’t sure where to look, we’d suggest going for adopting one instead of buying. For one, the pets who’re bred to be sold are kept in horrible conditions, and it helps no one to keep that industry thriving. Though more importantly, many animals in the city could do with a home, and shopping instead of adopting denies them a chance at it.

For those who don’t need convincing on that part and are already looking for places to adopt from, many shelters and adoption organizations in the city can help. Just look through their Instagram/Facebook accounts, pick a pet, do the necessary paperwork, and take them home. If that sounds like a good deal, here are some of the best places in the city for it.

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1. The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The Bombay Society - Live More Zone

Image courtesy – Pexels

Located in Parel East, this is one of the oldest animal shelters in the city, and possibly the only charity hospital for all kinds of pets. As the name suggests, they aim to pick up the most vulnerable of our furry friends off the streets of Mumbai, fix their health, and nurture them as one of their own. You can adopt one of them if you like, though so make sure to look through their social media to know which ones are up for adoption.

2. Cat Café Studio

Cat Café Studio - Live More Zone

Cat Cafe Studio is probably the only cafe dedicated to cats, and apart from giving a home to and putting up stray cats for adoption, doubles up as a chilling spot for a community of cat lovers and owners alike. If you’ve been looking for the perfect kitten to adopt, they make sure that you have enough options for you to choose from. They also do their due part in checking your background if you are interested in adopting, so make sure to put your best foot forward.

3. World For All

World For All - Live More Zone

World For All is a non-profit adoption shelter in Andheri East that regularly hosts adoption drives and other events to sustain what they’re passionate about; giving a home to the neglected and abandoned stray animals in the city. There’s also a dedicated community engaged with the organization, which helps them find leads on strays as well as potential adopters.

4. Youth Organisation In Defence Of Animals

Youth Organisation In Defence Of Animals - Live More Zone

Started by Pooja Sakpal, Meenal Rajda, Priya Akarsh Hebbar, Akarsh Hebbar, and Abhishek Soparkar – all of whom are animal lovers and wanted to do something for them – YODA’s property in Mahim aims to create better conditions for stray animals and puts them up for adoption in suitable homes wherever possible.

If you’re unsure about keeping them for life, they also have a fostering program wherein you can take the pet for a few days and see if you want to keep them. If not, you can drop them back at the shelter, and they’d try to find another adopter.

Image courtesy – Pexels



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