13 August 2019 | 3 min read

The Top NGOs In Mumbai That You Can Trust


Trying to change the world on your own can be a difficult task, though that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Donations and charities are still a viable way to make a difference, as many organizations trying to work for a cause are often short on funds.

Wanting to donate to a charity but can’t find a suitable outlet? Fret not, because we have you sorted – this list of NGOs across Mumbai that will direct your funds to the right cause. All you need to do is make a call and let them know that you’d like to donate.

Tip – If you are donating money, use your card to pay your payments easy and fuss-free.

1. Lawyers Collective

Lawyers Collective - Live More Zone 
Even if most of us don’t realize it, not everyone has the option to approach the court in case of disputes or crime. Lawyers Collective is a volunteer group of lawyers based out of Kala Ghoda that helps marginalized communities and people with legal recourse with minimum or no fees. Of course, you have to be a lawyer to volunteer, though if you aren’t, you can always check with them for donations.

2. CRY

Cry - Live More Zone

With centers around the world, CRY – or Child Rights and You – works with children around the world. They have an office in many other Indian cities, so you’re not restricted by geography in case you are not staying in Mumbai. Apart from imparting education, they also work with other sectors like healthcare and food.

3. Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation - Live More Zone

Dignity Foundation is a great place to volunteer, especially if you like spending time with the elderly. They provide support during old age, along with social support services that are difficult to obtain on their own. You can check with them for donations, as they’re always looking for more funds to sustain their work.


Sneha - Live More Zone

Proper healthcare isn’t available to many citizens of the country, a fact that’s even starker for underprivileged mothers giving birth. SNEHA provides post-birth healthcare facilities to mothers and infants to combat the high mortality rates across the country, something you can volunteer for or donate to if you wish to help.

5. Humsafar Trust

Humsafar Trust - Live More Zone

Ignoring society’s homophobic attitude, the Humsafar Trust is a safe and secure place for people who belong to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender category. Started by and for the LGBT community, they have done some incredible work in this field. Today, the organization works in four domains, namely research, advocacy, health, and capacity building for the community.

They are always looking out for dedicated volunteers, so there is a place for every person to contribute to this organization productively.

6. Aasra

Aasra - Live More Zone

Mental illness and depression are not very easy to deal with, especially at an individual level. It is in such cases that Aasara hopes to play a decisive role and help people to reclaim their life. A 24X7 suicide helpline, this organization also has regular events to fundraise for their cause. You could save someone’s life while donating both your time {or money} and that’s legit superhero stuff, we say!



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