28 March 2019 | 3 min read

Visit These Outlets For Cold Coffee In Mumbai


The onset of summer is the ideal time for a coffeeholic to head out, and discover the best cold coffee options the city, besides checking out if there are any new additions to the list. While there are always new restaurants opening up, our favourites are still classics when it comes to quenching that summer thirst with a cup of cold coffee.

New to the city or just brushing up on the best spots in the city to grab yours? Read on!

1. Coffee By Di Bella

Coffee By Di Bella - Live More Zone

While we’re used to picking up a glass from their Bandra outlet, we prefer their Lokhandwala haunt for a rather spacious property and a cosy outdoor area to spend some calm evenings. Those aren’t the only outlets in the suburbs, though; you could also check out the one in Versova, or that in Juhu, if you’re looking to explore the best Cold Coffee by Di Bella has to offer in the suburbs.

2. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai Coffee - Live More Zone

It’s been a while since Blue Tokai made its way to Mumbai, and for coffee lovers, this is the best option. They also have quite a few blends from all across India {as well as some from around the world} in eco-friendly packets to take home with you, making sure you can replicate the flavours whenever you want.

3. Café Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day - Live More Zone

You’ve heard about Cafe Coffee Day, right? In case you have not, take a quick tour around your neighbourhood and you are sure to spot one of their outlets. Known for their coffee {but obviously}, other drinks, snacks, and comfy chairs, they are super affordable as well. What also sets them apart is that they sell some incredibly reasonable French Presses {coffee plungers} and Espresso Makers, perfect for when you want to enjoy a cup of cold coffee, right in the comfort of your home.

4. Koinonia Coffee Roasters

Koinonia Coffee Roasters - Live More Zone

With an outlet located in Khar and a bunch of other joints across town well on their way, as well as their own corners in all the existing and upcoming outlets of Foodhall in the city, Koinonia is fast turning into our favourite for cold {as well as hot, even in the summer} brews. We love their attention to detail as well as hospitable staff, along with the variety of seasonal flavours you’d not get anywhere else in the city.

Tip – If the summer season is killing your incentive to step out for a cup of cold coffee, fret not because a few of the outlets mentioned above also do home delivery. Alternatively, you can also make your own cup of cold coffee by ordering some coffee beans from bigbasket as well. Make sure you use your digibank bigbasket debit card to get cashback of up to INR 2000.

Have you stocked up on your cold coffee yet?

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