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6 Healthy Ice Cream Brands to Indulge Your Sweet Cravings


How often have you curled up in your bed after a long day and ate a tub of ice cream? If we are guessing right, it must have been a lot of times! And if you always end up regretting the calories in ice cream, you just consumed, fret not because now we are giving you all the deets about healthy ice cream brands that are whipping up scoops of our favourite dessert albeit with fewer calories.

Grab a spoon {classic Ross style}, sit back and check out these places that are about to become your new go-to ice cream places. Also, check out these places in Mumbai that will add to your scoop of ice-cream.

Best Icecream Places in Mumbai

1. Noto Ice Cream

Noto Ice Cream

They have not only low calorie ice cream but also have ice creams with high protein and probiotic fibres which are essential for a healthy gut. A homegrown brand, Noto is dedicated to creating some of the best ice creams for its niche customers who are into keto diets and such. Therefore, you will only be binging on just 75-95 calories per scoop. You can either opt for their classic ice cream flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and caramel or go for their fruity flavours like mango and spicy guava.

Cost per serving: INR 200
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: (11:00am-11:00pm), Sunday: (11:00am-11:00pm)
Address: NOTO – Healthy Ice Cream, 8/10, L Jagmohandas Marg, Cumballa Hill Mumbai, Breach Candy, Mumbai
Telephone: +912223695050
Served Cuisine: Ice Cream

2. Sucres Des Terres

Sucres Des Terres

One of the first artisanal ice cream brands, Sucres Des Terres, does one-of-its-kind ice cream jars. Their small ice-cream jars are a labour of love as they pick out each ingredient carefully and source it from the best places possible, this is also the reason why you will only find some ice creams in a specific season. Their chocolate ice-cream is made from beans freshly procured from Annamalai in Tamil Nadu. Just like this, the mango and strawberry ice cream is also made in their specific season. So, next time you crave authentic and flavourful ice cream, head to their store in Worli. You can follow them on Instagram for updates on new flavours.

Cost per serving: INR 1,200
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: (9:30am-7:00pm), Sunday: (9:30am-7:00pm)
Address: Samunder Point, Rashid Mansion, 2A, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018
Telephone: +919920985880
Served Cuisine: Ice Cream

3. Get-A-Whey


Who said ice cream isn’t for the gym enthusiasts? Because Get-A-Whey provides you with healthy ice cream options with their protein-packed ice creams. Unlike other tubs of ice cream, you will find almost 10-14 gram of protein in 100 grams of a serving. Their calorie count is also below 140, unlike regular tubs serving nearly 300 calories. What’s more? They source their ingredients from the best-sellers across the globe. Tempted enough? Try their Belgian chocolate and salted caramel ice cream when you visit their store. Keep your card handy for easy payments.

Cost per serving: INR 500
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: (9:00am-12:00am), Sunday: (9:00am-12:00am)
Address: 105 Blue Excellency, Govindji Shroff Marg, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400062
Telephone: +919137120894
Served Cuisine: Ice Cream

4. Frugurpop


Well, technically they are more famous for their healthy concoctions of popsicles, but they are as tempting as ice cream. Made with different exotic fruits (they import their berries from France), Frugurpop is a homegrown brand that focuses on serving decadent, delicious, and healthy ice cream alternatives. Whether it is their Chocolate Brownie popsicle or tiramisu popsicle, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds. And if you are craving some fruity delights, have their triple berry and mango raspberry. It not only tastes heavenly but is equally appealing to look at, as well. Yes, your cameras should be on cue for that Insta-click.

Cost per serving: INR 150
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri-Sun: (1:00pm-11:00pm), Thursday: (1:00pm-11:00pm)
Address: St John St, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Telephone: +919833141983
Served Cuisine: Ice Cream

5. Good Fettle

Good Fettle

Not only they provide healthy ice cream, but this homegrown brand has miraculously managed to keep the fat per cent under 1% compared to the regular 20% of the fat you find in regular ice creams. That is why Good Fettle has become a favourite among people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on their sweet indulgences. Moreover, their ice creams are made from the freshest ingredients. Think Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, strawberries from Mahabaleshwar and chocolate from Belgium and Paris. Their choice to use organic products has made all the difference when it comes to calories in ice cream.

Cost per serving: INR 500
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: (12:00am-12:00am), Sunday: (12:00am-12:00am)
Address: Ruparel Iris, Senapati Bapat Marg, Sundar Kamla Nagar, Mahim United Industrial Estate, Matunga West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016
Telephone: +919651577679
Served Cuisine: Ice Cream

6. Natural’s Ice Cream

Natural’s Ice Cream

One cannot complete a blog about the iconic places for ice creams without mentioning Natural’s. Started in Mumbai, the brand now has a strong presence in Delhi with its Connaught Place outlet, Natural’s is one of the best ice cream brands in India. Just one scoop of their freshly prepared ice cream is enough to quench all the cravings. Moreover, they use only seasonal ingredients for their ice cream ensures that the calorie count is low. Next time you are craving for a good scoop of ice cream, stop by Natural’s and try their coconut, lychee, chikoo and almond ice cream.

Cost per serving: INR 300
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: (10:00am-12:00am), Sunday: (10:00am-12:00am)
Address: Shop No. 2&3, Mohan Nivas, Rd Number 34, near Khalsa College King Circle, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019
Telephone: +918451901490
Served Cuisine: Ice Cream

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