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Drink, Detox, Repeat: Detox Juices Online For A Healthier You


In a time when organic and healthy living is all the rage, detox smoothies and juices are officially #Trending. So, here’s everything you need to know about these lip-smacking, yet healthy concoctions, from the ‘Why’ to the ‘Which’.

The What and Why Aspect

The main difference between these bottled health elixirs and the juices whipped in a blender is that they are cold-pressed – a method that takes longer but helps retain the nutrients better and stays fresh longer. So, here’s a list of some healthy juice services you can subscribe to in Mumbai.

1. Raw Pressery

Raw Pressery - Live More Zone

Source: Raw Pressery/Instagram

Raw Pressery is the product of a simple question- ‘Why does being healthy have to be so complicated?’, and we agree! The brand started delivering fresh juices all over Mumbai and Pune with the help of the famous Dabbawalas. It has grown into quite a popular name, and you can easily find their juices lined on shelves in major supermarkets and stores.

Subscription options

Monsoon Greens- Pack of 20 Lean and 20 Trim bottles priced at INR 6,000/-
Heart Strong- Pack of 15 Love, 15 Life, and 15 Pomegranate bottles priced at INR 6,750/-
You can also choose to build your bundles online from their website
Must try- The Aam-mazing and Almond Milk bundles
Delivery- Orders are delivered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

2. Second Nature

Second Nature - Live More Zone

Source: Second Nature

Second Nature provides 100% cold extracted fruit juices, various juice-blends of fruits and vegetables, fruit nectars, and different types of dairy-free nut milk. An initiative by Freshtrop, the brand delivers to Mumbai and Thane, and their products have a shelf life of 21 to 30 days! The brand offers customizable subscription orders and you can also find its juices in cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Subscription options

Weekly Basket: A customized subscription service where you can choose a variety of juices you want for as many weeks online. The price starts from INR 750
Also, try- Their fruit and veggie juices which combine the best of nutrition and taste.
Delivery- Orders are delivered on a weekly basis as selected by you.

3. Healthie

Founded with a mission to make the country healthy, it offers fresh, wholesome, and delicious beverages and food. Their products are prepared fresh with premium and nutritious ingredients, and the recipes are crafted keeping in mind the macronutrients and micronutrients required for a healthy balanced diet.

Subscription options

Healthie Liquid Cleanse: This all-day liquid cleanse contains an assorted pack of 8 detox drinks, all under 1299 calories that are priced at INR 1,299
To learn more about their offerings, check out the website
Must try- Their ‘bowls’ and a variety of recipes for a keto diet.
Delivery- One subscription is optimally used for one day.

4. Farm Press

Farm Press - Live More Zone

Source: Farm Press

Currently supplying to customers in Mumbai and Pune, Farm Press is the brainchild of the founders who wanted to use fresh produce from their farms in Jalgaon. The brand is ideal for those who are all about customization as they have a responsive service team to help you on an individual basis.

Subscription options

Foundation Cleanse: Pack of 2 detox juices, 1 detox, 2 juice cleanses priced at INR 1,100
Deep Cleanse: Pack of 2 detox juices, 2 juice cleanses, 1 fruit and 1 vegetable cleanse priced at INR 1,100
Head to the website to start a healthy new lifestyle
Also, try- Their Citrus Aloe and Amla wellness shots priced at ₹ 50 each
Delivery- Orders are delivered daily or on a weekly/ monthly basis according to the selected package.

5. Juicifix

Juicifix - Live More Zone

Source: Jucifix

Juicifix was started with a mission to make cold-pressed juices fresh and affordable for those who want a healthy lifestyle. They offer a range of vegetable and fruit blends and an interesting variety of immunity shooters.

Subscription options

Advanced Cleanse Gleam – 6 blends priced at INR 1,099 (one-day cleanse)
Advanced Cleanse Radiance – 6 blends and 2 shots priced at INR 1,399 (one-day cleanse)
Advanced Cleanse Sparkle – 6 blends, 2 shots, and nut milk priced at INR 1,599 (one-day cleanse)
For more information on their packages check the website
Also, try- Their immunity shooters priced at ₹80 each
Delivery- Delivered daily except on Sundays.
Now, all you need to do is select your favourite blends and add to the cart to get juicing!
Tip: These detox drinks might be a good way to add some health to your diet, but there is no denying the fact that freshly made juices are a good fit as well. If you are short pressed on time, we recommend you invest in a good blender.

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