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Ministry Of Eggs – Get Variety Of Egg Dishes Delivered From This Outlet


Imagine eggs, eggs, and nothing but eggs in different flavours, and spices. Welcome to Ministry of Eggs, started as a successful outlet in Ghatkopar. Comfort food is now delivered right to your doorstep.

About Ministry Of Eggs

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All the way from Surat to Ghatkopar and now in Bandra, this cafe is a true home for people who love eggs in all forms and dimensions. Founded by Nishant Dhamannwala, Ministry of Eggs is ideal delivery place for anyone who wants to order simple egg snacks during their evening tea or someone who wants to order a full meal for their next house party. Trust us, keeping their delivery number is a very good idea.

Don’t forget to keep your card handy because it is super convenient and easy to pay online while placing your order here.

What Should I Order?

The one thing that sets Ministry of Eggs apart from the rest is the fact they are willing to take the humble egg and experiment with it to create a number of delicious dishes that are truly exceptional. Diverse, rich, and unique, these dishes are made using at least two eggs, along with butter and oil.

Some must-order items include Egg Kheema {with either pav or bread}. Egg Mamna Gravy {priced at INR 270, it is egg kebabs which is stuffed with shredded cheese and served with chutney}. Egg Paaplet {a jumbo three omelette filled with shredded boiled eggs in a secret gravy, cheese, and green chilli, priced at INR 250}. They also have egg Lahori, classic yolk cheese on toast {egg yolk with cheese, spices}, Egg kheema, Parsi Akuri, and Egg Kimchi Salad, Russian Fry, Egg Tikka Masala, Smoky Barbecue Roll, Peri-Peri Egg, Eggs Kejriwal combo, among others. Some of these egg dishes have secret ingredients that are made in Surat and then brought to Mumbai.

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The servings that you will receive for a dish is sufficient for any meal or even house-party. The best part – they are budget-friendly as well.

Besides egg, you can also order Sosyo, which is an extremely popular soda from Surat. So, skip the aerated drinks and order these sodas which are available in different flavors as well.

So next time, you have night-time hunger pangs or are just craving some well-made egg dishes, you know what to do, because what’s better than egg kebab to fill you up, right?

Where – FCC-15, 3rd floor, food court, R City Mall, LBS marg, Ghatkopar west, Mumbai, Mumbai
Contact – 090999 63888
Time – 8 AM – Midnight
Map Location:

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