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Mumbai Lonavala Best Restaurants – Road Trip Food Guide


The monsoons are almost upon us, and if you’ve been living in Mumbai for a while, you’d know what that’s a perfect time for; a road trip to Lonavala. No matter how many new attractions come up in the city, or how many fancy townships come up in other, more picturesque parts of the state, a drive to Lonavala is still one of our favorite things to do in the monsoons. It’s not just the destination; the road trip is as beautiful, too. Don’t have a car – fret not because you can book a car at Zoomcar and avail discounts as well. What are you waiting for

Now if you’re planning to do this, the first thing you’d need to know about is the eateries you’d be encountering on the way, and the best ones to make a pit stop at depending on what you want to eat. While there are too many even to count, only a few stand out due to their customer service and quality of food.

Here are some of the best and most iconic eateries on the Mumbai-Lonavala Highway.

1. Rama Krishna

Rama Krishna - Live More Zone

Not to be confused with other restaurants of the same name within the city, Rama Krishna is one of our favorites for some excellent old Udupi cuisine and laid back vibes on the Mumbai-Lonavala highway. By Udupi, we don’t mean it’s vegetarian; they have quite a few things on the menu for the meat-eaters out there, though if you want to experience their best, just go for a plate of sambar and rice.

Their service is also quick and hospitable, so you can make the pit stop as long as you want.

Where – Mumbai-Pune Highway, Gavliwada Naka, Lonavla, Maharashtra

Opening Hours – 7 am- 11:30 pm

Map –

2. Golden Vadapav

Golden Vada Pav - Live More Zone

Image courtesy – Wikipedia Commons

There’s no street food item a Mumbaikar likes more than the classic vada pav, and if you start craving it as soon as you leave the city for the scenic trip to Lonavala, no need to worry; Golden Vadapav will sort you out.

With a menu full of bhajiyas, samosas, and pavs, you definitely won’t be disappointed. Though for the best results, try out their steaming vada pav with their signature red chutney, which is what all the crowds you see here are going for at any time of the day.

Where – Bungalow: 2, Old Mumbai – Pune Hwy, Gautam Park Society, Gawliwada, Rao Colony, Lonavla, Maharashtra

Opening Hours – 8:30 am – 10:00 pm

Map –

3. Rudra

Rudra - Live More Zone

For the north Indians out there, Rudra offers some of the best chole bhature this side of the Vindhyas, and that’s saying a lot as Mumbai has quite a few places of its own to compete for the top of that list.

With bhaturas as big as you’re used to backing home, it’s by far their best-selling item, though we wouldn’t shy away from going for the rest of their extensive menu to see where things are at either.

Where – Kailash Parbat Hotel, Mumbai Pune Road, Lonavala, North Pune, Lonavala, North Pune, Pune

Opening Hours – 11 am – 3:30 pm, 7:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Map –

4. Maneklal

Maneklal - Live More Zone

Perched between the Deccan Plateau and the lush Konkan belt of Maharashtra, there are several canteens and rest houses. And while the options are endless, we have picked Maneklal, which is our top favorite.

A bit off the beaten track, the recipes from this place has been unchanged for the last 18 years. At a price ranging from INR 140-170, you can get a piping hot meal that is balanced and flavorsome, while taking you back to your childhood years as well. Highly recommended!

Where – Suraiya Rd, Rao Colony, Kusgaon Budruk, Maharashtra

Opening Hours – 09:30 am – 11:30 am, 05:30 pm – 07:30 pm

Map –

All image courtesy including featured image – Pexels



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