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Destination Guide: Go Rafting, Birding Or Relax At Mulshi Lake


Located roughly about 135 km from Mumbai, Mulshi Lake is a perfect getaway during any time of the year. Boasting of neon green mountains, forests, and lakes, big and small, stencilled with tar roads, you can also enjoy incredible views along the way.

While you can visit Mulshi lake at almost any time of the year, monsoons truly make this place spectacular. Covered with mist and a gorgeous green cover, make sure you head to the eco-resorts located nearby that offer a host of activities to keep you happily engaged throughout your entire trip.

Activities In Mulshi Lake

Birding at Mulshi- Live More Zone

Make your way to Tamhini, which is located around 15 kilometres from Mulshi village – here you can hike through rocky gorges. If you are a birding enthusiast, make sure you carry your binoculars because the Tamhini forest is also located here. A designated biodiversity reserve (you do not need a guide, and there is no entry timings or fee), the sanctuary is home to 150 bird species, including 12 Indian endemic birds. Also, parts of the park have been closed to prevent damage to the biodiversity, so check before you plan your trip.

If you are looking for bigger adventures, make your way to Kolad {50 Kms from Tamhini} for white water rafting and kayaking on the Kundalika River. Those who are content to relax can choose from several lakeside retreats scattered around Mulshi. Spend your weekend lounging around, strolling along nature trails, and living the simple life that makes urban mayhem seem miles away.

Other activities that you can enjoy here include the following –

  • Camping: Camping is undeniably one of the most popular activities at Mulshi Lake and Dam. Renting a cottage by the lakeside, organising a campfire near the lake, and basking in the scenic beauty of the surroundings, it is a great way to unwind and relax.

Camping - Live More Zone

  • Boating: Capture some scenic, jaw-dropping beauty right while you enjoy a refreshing boating experience in the Mulshi Lake.
  • Photography: The scenery is a photographer’s paradise! Every season gives a photographer a story to capture, but spring, with its wildflowers, and monsoon, with its cold fog, makes for our favourite season!

Other nearby attractions include the Tamahini Ghats, Panshet, Nilkantheshwar Temple and, Lavasa.

Stay Near Mulshi Lake

Resort in Mulshi - Live More Zone

There are ample lakeside resorts and BNBs available in Mulshi catering to every kind of traveller and budget. Some of the most famous ones are Camp Temgarh, Kasturi Cottage, The Lakeside Verandah, and Shail Cottage.

If you are looking for a wellness centre amid nature, Kare has you sorted. The resort offers traditional Kerala therapies, Iyengar yoga sessions, and Ayurvedic meals. It has cottages with ethnic furnishings, attached baths, and views of Mulshi’s pretty hillside. You can book a room to soak in the serene atmosphere or pick from all-inclusive packages that last as little as a day and as long as three weeks.

How To Reach Mulshi

It is best to drive down to Mulshi using your vehicle or getting a self-drive {you can book one here} for yourself since the scenic beauty is such that one would love to have photo stops! You also find a lot of bikers in this route, so if you are one, make sure you plan one with your tribe.

Also, since public transport is pretty limited, having your own vehicle is essential. Have you planned your getaway yet?



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