22 March 2019 | 3 min read

Love Offbeat Destinations? Here Are 4 Places To Bookmark For Offbeat Travel Near Mumbai


With summers well on their way, travelers across the country are currently packing their bags and intensely researching which new place they want to go to, for their next holiday. While most of us would just consider oft-repeated destinations to do a weekend trip at, the more serious among us would be looking for something a bit offbeat. And in a country as big as India, there’s no dearth of unexplored and off-the-trail spots.

So, if you’re tired of the same old destinations and want to head to someplace a bit different, these places need to be on your bucket list.

1. Hideout, Vikramgad Taluka, Maharashtra

Hideout - Live More Zone

Photo courtesy – Hideout

If you’re the kind that thrives in nature and wants to escape the city life for a bit to someplace that’s not exactly on the most viral travel lists around, check out Hide Out farm near Mumbai. Some 105km away from the city, the farm offers spacious rooms, a huge property full of greens and yellows to spend a calm weekend at, and is owned by hospitable people who’d treat you like family for as long as you’re there. There are a bunch of hiking and trekking spots nearby, too.

Distance from Mumbai – 120 km

2. Chembra Peak, Kerala

Chembra Peak - Live More Zone

Image Courtesy – Wikipedia Commons

Another spot heavy on nature and light on all things city, Chembra Peak is one of the highest mountains near the southernmost end of the lush green Western Ghats. Located in the Wayanad district, there’s a lot to do here, including trekking, visiting the tea plantations, and exploring other spots in the Nilgiris if you’re in the mood.

Distance from Mumbai – 1,227 km

3. Badami, Bagalkot, Karnataka

Badami - Live More Zone

Image Courtesy – Pixabay

A bit different from the rest of the places on the list, Badami in Karnataka is an awesome place for exploring some good old temples and indulging in some adventure activities. Rock climbers know it as one of the best spots for climbing in the country due to the types of rock found there. That doesn’t mean it’s not for the non-climber; there’s still plenty of sightseeing to do and architecture to marvel at here.

Distance from Mumbai – 585 km

4. Kalimpong, West Bengal

Kalimpong - Live More Zone

Image Courtesy – Pixabay

When we talk about the mountains in West Bengal, Darjeeling tends to hog the spotlight more than other offbeat places, Kalimpong being one of them. Once a colonial getaway, the tiny hill station is full of buildings from that era and a perfect view of the Himalayas. It’s also a perfect place to spot some unique flora and fauna not found in most places in the country.

Distance from Mumbai – 2,346 km

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