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5 Beautiful Places To Visit Near Mumbai In Monsoon


The cloud-draped forts, its foggy pinnacles and green foliage that surround the city provide travel enthusiasts, the perfect excuse to head out for their next getaway. Add to this, the charms of hot cups of chai, pakoras, roasted corn on the cob and road trips that have finally materialized, this is indeed the perfect time for heading outdoors. Don’t have a car? Fret not because you can book your own vehicle through Zoomcar, depending on your budget and requirements.

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1. Kaas Plateau

Kaas Plateau - Live More Zone

Distance from Mumbai – 250 km {5 hours by road, trains from Mumbai to Satara take around 7 hours, post which it is a 40-minute journey to reach Kaas by road}.

Every year, between late June and early September, Kaas Plateau near Satara is carpeted with thousands of flowers; bright green cobra lilies, crimson lantern flowers and of course the purple hued Sita tears. That’s not all – these are not just some pretty flowers that bloom here every year, in fact, many of the local species in this region are carnivorous flora and have developed unique tactics to lure and trap insects.

Trust us, watching these carnivorous plants in action is an excellent way to spend your weekend. Add to that the lush and green surroundings will leave you blissful and wanting to come back, every single monsoon.

2. Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake - Live More Zone

Distance from Mumbai – Pawna lake is 110km from Mumbai which is around 3 hours from Mumbai. You can also take a train till Lonavala, post which you will have to travel by road for one hour to reach the destination.

Ideal for big groups, Pawna Lake, has something to offer to every type of traveller. Book yourself into one of the lakeside campsites, where you can spend time swimming, canoeing or even jet skiing – there are many rental agencies for the same nearby if you love the outdoors, head to the numerous forts that dot the nearby peaks, including Lohagad, Tikona and Tung.

If trekking is not your cup of tea, then unwind and relax near the edge of the lake with a book/drink. Reserve your evening for a barbeque under the stars and meet new people at the campsite. While camping is a good idea, you can also find resort and hotel options nearby as well.

3. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve - Live More Zone

Distance from Mumbai – The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is 160km/3hr by road from Nagpur {a flight between Nagpur and Mumbai takes 1.5 hours}. Warora has the closest railway station; trains from Mumbai to Warora take between 12 – 20 hours.

One of the few national parks in the country that remains opens even during the monsoon, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has amongst the highest concentration of tigers in the country. Also inhabited by other animals like wild dogs, flying squirrel, sloth bear, crocodiles and around 200 species of birds, this park offers visitors a chance to unwind away from the chaos of the city. Check into one of the boutique safari lodges that surround the park and enjoy a weekend of indulgence. Even if you don’t spot the tiger, you will remember this holiday for a very long time.

Tip – If you are taking a road trip, make sure you stop at Anandwan, a leprosy rehabilitation centre built by Baba Amte in the late 1940s. Besides enjoying a simple lunch, you can also pick up some souvenirs here.

4. Panchgani

Panchgani - Live More Zone

Distance from Mumbai – Panchgani is 4.5 hours {or 245 km} from Mumbai by road.

Skip Lonavala and Khandala and escape to Panchgani, next time you feel like travelling to a hill-station. Straight out of an Enid Blyton book, this quaint hill station is littered with strawberry fields, old-school British buildings and Parsi cafes. Located amid the Sahyadri range, the city has many panoramic viewpoints from where you can enjoy stunning views of the majestic Ghats and views of the Dhom Dam. Spend your weekend, exploring misty trails, the ancient Rajpuri caves and let the children have fun on the merry-go-rounds and trains on Table Land.

Tip – There are many Parsi cafes here, so make sure you enjoy some Parsi dhansak, rice, and kebabs during your trip here.

5. Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar - Live More Zone

Distance from Mumbai – The Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve is 5 hours {250 km} from Mumbai by road.

An ideal break for those looking to reconnect with nature, Bhimashankar is located near Pune and boasts of a wildlife park that is known for its sacred groves. The local villagers worship many trees in this region, which is why this region attracts a lot of devotees as well. Unlike other parks, where big animals are the draw, Bhimashankar is best explored on foot. Perfect for bird enthusiasts, keep an eye out for birds like the paradise flycatchers, warblers, and sunbirds. That’s not all – there are several waterfalls {both small and big} in the park that come alive during the monsoon season, making this an essential getaway during this season.

Tip – If you love temples, make sure you stop at Bhimashankar temple, which is located near the reserve.

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