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Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know For Smart Travel in India


Travel hacks are a great way to save not just money but also your sanity, especially when you are travelling solo. If you like us are bitten by the travel bug and are constantly looking for new adventures, we have you sorted.

Relentless research, connecting with fellow travellers and tips from my social networks have helped me find the best resources to make the most of my travel. Here are our tips. Are you excited? Well, let us start.

1. Book Your Car

Book Your Own Car - Live More Zone

India, particularly South India, is known for its lush nature reserves and heavily decorated temples. While a lot of you would want to explore the public transport here, trust us, it’s easier and more feasible to have your own vehicle with you throughout the trip. If you are someone who loves to drive, then you can hire a car online from your starting point and go about exploring the destinations at your own pace.

Tip – Most online rentals prefer online payments, so it is better to keep your debit card handy at all times.

2. Book Comfortable Stay Options

Book Stay Options - Live More Zone

The heat during the day can make one feel dizzy, especially during the mid-noon. That is why hiring a comfortable room where you can stay indoors and get entertained is a welcome break after a tiring day of travelling. Also, a comfortable, relaxing room lifts your mood, and there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep to help you get you ready for a day full of adventure!

From hostels to homestays, there are many alternatives for travellers to check out during their stay in the country.

Tip – Always book your rooms in advance as it will give you a place to unwind after travelling, while also avoiding the stress of looking for a place in a new city. Nowadays, even the most remote guest-homes allow online payments, so you need not carry advance cash for the same as well.

3. Choose Breathable Garments

Comfortable clothes - Live More Zone

Tropical areas can be humid, making one perspire a lot. To let the skin, breathe free and keep yourself odour free, it’s best to carry cotton or linen garments as they not only let the skin breathe but also absorb the sweat, thus helping prevent rashes.

Quick Tip – Thinner materials and finer yarns impact the breathability of the fabric. For a quick test, hold the fabric up and see how much light passes through it – more the light, more breathable the fabric is. If you want to shop, look for some offers.

4. Language Guide Books

Guide Book - Live More Zone

A major hurdle that many tourists face, especially while travelling in a new part of the country is the language barrier. While the majority of the places understand English, it is always better to carry around a language guidebook or install Google Translate on your phone, so you could communicate and understand the local life better.

Tip – Want to strike a conversation with people of the local community? Learn the basics of their language – trust us; it is worth the effort as it will offer you a unique and personalized insight into their life. An extra effort to mingle with the locals never goes to waste.

5. Maps

Maps - Live More Zone

While Google Maps are one of the most convenient ways to travel almost anywhere within the country, be prepared for areas with no network coverage. Not to mention the fact that sometimes Google can show you the incorrect route also.

Hence, it’s always better to carry a handbook or a physical map with you with your planned route defined for better management of your itinerary. Maps were, are, and will always be one of the best ways to plan a trip.

Where are you going next?

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