31 July 2019 | 2 min read

Weekend Getaway To Vengurla Beach


Monsoon is a time when all Mumbaikars start looking beyond Goa for beach getaways a bit closer to home, as it’s mostly shut for business around this time. But don’t fret as there are plenty of beaches close to Mumbai that offer the ideal getaway.

That’s not all – since they are less crowded than other famous beaches, this is an excellent pick for those who want to escape the chaos of the city.

If you’re looking for an option, head to Vengurla beach in the Malvan district of Maharashtra. Full of empty beaches, amazing Konkani food and plenty of architecture to explore, it may as well end up being one of your favourite weekend destinations.

1. Getting There

Getting There - Live More Zone

There are plenty of ways you can reach Vengurla beach, including train or an overnight bus. However, if you ask us, renting a car of your own is a better option, as you can explore the beautiful countryside on the way.

By road, it’s about a 10 – 12-hour journey, which means that it can be quickly done over a weekend. If you don’t have a vehicle, make sure you book a Zoomcar as finding local transport in the region might sometimes be challenging.

2. Go Out And Explore

Go Out And Explore - Live More Zone

For a beach town you may have never heard of, Vengurla has a bunch of things you can do. For the religious {or those who appreciate architecture}, there are quite a few temples to visit, like Shri Sateri, Shri Rameshwar, Shri Navadurga, Shri Mauli and Shri Vetoba. There are also forts and small treks you can embark on while you’re there, though make sure you know your way back, as it can be quite secluded and empty once the sun goes down.

For food lovers, we’d recommend checking out every tiny restaurant, as the local cuisine is truly exceptional and made with fresh ingredients.

For adventure lovers, the town is surrounded by moderately-high hills you can always go out and explore. They’re lovely during the monsoons, and anyone who has travelled around Maharashtra would tell you that doing so is always a fruitful exercise. The surrounding area is also lush green during the monsoons, with fruit trees and velvety grass to add to the beauty of the landscape.
Finally, accommodation shouldn’t be an issue, as there are quite a few affordable options in the town. However, make sure to call ahead to ensure a place to spend the night.



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