8 December 2020 | 5 min read

9 Incredible Virtual Christmas Party Ideas


We have all been waiting for Christmas, New Year’s and the holiday party season. But, considering the current situation with the pandemic, most of us would prefer to host/enjoy the party virtually. However, having a virtual party should in no way play dampener on your festive spirit! Reason? We have you covered. Here’s a list of some great Christmas party ideas, events, Games, etc. that you may plan. To enjoy a Christmas party with your friends, family, or colleagues online, you can host a fab experience over a video conference platform, like Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp video, etc.

1. Christmas Cookie Decoration Challenge

Christmas Cookie – Live More Zone

This fun, virtual party event includes themed games, competitions, and actual cookies. Before your event, you are expected to send Christmas cookies to all participants. You are all then expected to make your frosting, collect decorative candies, etc. Then, during the video call, you play holiday trivia games or have a lovely family tete-a-tete while decorating the cookies. Towards the end of the party, you all reveal your cookies, and you announce a winner.

2. Virtual Holiday Bingo

Bingo – Live More Zone

Bingo is a popular game for all ages as it encourages interaction and cheer. It is a great idea to play this game with family and friends for your virtual Christmas party. There are several templates for the game that you can download.

3. Christmas Cocktail Party

Christmas Cocktail – Live More Zone

Christmas Cocktail Party is a virtual happy hour with a host who plays bartender. Before the party, the host sends out a shopping list so that everyone can be ready with the ingredients. The host can even share a list of fun cocktail recipes via email with all the party guests.

The fun starts right at the beginning of the party when each one follows instructions by the (bartender) host to shake-up a cocktail. Everyone is thus engaged in a fun activity while chatting and having a laugh. The host can ideally teach how to make two to three cocktails, and then everyone can relax and enjoy their drinks. You may even play small games, challenges, karaoke, etc. while enjoying the drinks.

4. Send Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts – Live More Zone

This is probably the easiest and most fun way to make your virtual Christmas party exciting. So, apart from your usual Christmas card, this time send a box of homemade cookies, or fudge, or a personalized gift to the party guests. The pack of goodies can be sent a few days before the virtual party. During the party, you can have a dedicated time for everyone to open their Christmas presents and share the joy altogether.

5. Secret Santa

Secret Santa – Live More Zone

No Christmas party can be complete without a Secret Santa game. To plan a virtual secret Santa gift exchange, you can pick the names using gift exchange generators that are readily available online. Once each person has a name, you can buy actual presents and send them over. This needs to be done a few days before the Christmas party for everyone to have their gift ready to open during your virtual meet. Physical gifts are tactile and have a personal touch to them; nothing can replace the thrill of opening a present and the joy of seeing someone’s happy face on seeing the gift you sent them. This is entirely retractable with a virtual secret Santa party.

6. Christmas Dress-up Party

Christmas Costume – Live More Zone

Nothing can be more fun than a Christmas costume party. But can you do it online? Of course! While your house must already be decked up with a Christmas tree, strings of lights, Christmas ornaments, stockings, etc., you may ask your party guests to dress up. They can get into the holiday spirit by donning the garb of the season – elf costumes, Santa hats, reindeer antlers, green grinch hair, and so on. You can up the excitement by announcing a ‘best dressed’ award.

7. Sing Christmas Carols After the Party

Christmas Carol – Live More Zone

You can spice up your Christmas party with a carol session with your family or friends. You may revive old memories by asking people to sing their favourite carols from their childhood. Or you may practice some days before the party and sing in groups. Later, if you will, you may even upload this on your social media platforms and share with your social circle.

8. Virtual Holiday Photo Booth

Photo Booth – Live More Zone

Cramming all your guests in one photo frame might be a difficult task to achieve. But this becomes easier with a virtual photo booth. During your virtual Christmas party, you can gather all your guests onto the screen, then use screenshots or a similar image capture feature to snap a photograph. But the best photo booth effect is only achieved with the right props. For this, you can ask everyone to have Santa hats, angel wings, reindeer antlers, garlands, etc. in the frame. Once you get your shot, you can email it to all the guests and seal the fun party memories forever.

9. Online Pictionary

Pictionary – Live More Zone

In a game of Pictionary, one player draws a picture of a word and the other players attempt to guess the story before the player completes the drawing. For this game to be played virtually, here what can be done:

  • Divide all party guests into two teams.
  • Ask each team member to have a blank piece of paper or a poster board.
  • Now, with designated turns, they can start drawing, and the team can guess, precisely like an actual Pictionary game.

Christmas parties are an excellent way for family, friends, and colleagues to connect. But they needn’t always be the traditional way. Plan a virtual Christmas party this year and let us know if it was a little more fun than the usual.



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