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Tips For Hosting A Watch Party With Friends


The ‘watch party’ is indeed a new fad. When the pandemic made its debut, and we all thought it’s the end of the world. The trend of ‘watch party’ came to our rescue. It’s nothing but a way of enjoying movies or TV shows together with your family and friends while social distancing. Today, in this blog, we will tell you how you can throw a successful watch party with just a few clicks.

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1. Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Watch Party – Live More Zone

First in the list is Netflix Party extension for Google Chrome browser. It lets you watch Netflix movie or show with your friends and chat simultaneously, thanks to its chatting features. Now, we’ll tell you about how to download, install and use the Netflix Party extension to sync movie-watching with your gang.

To host a Netflix Watch Party

Whoever you are inviting to watch a movie or series with you, needs to have a Netflix account. You can even do a good deed by sharing your Netflix account with two to four other members, based on your subscription plan. Everyone has to login to Netflix on their computers; they’ll need to download the Netflix Party extension by visiting through Google Chrome browser. Now click on ‘Get Netflix Party for free’. You’ll be taken to the Google Chrome web store to download the extension. Click on add to Chrome. A pop-up will appear on the screen asking you to select ‘Add Extension’. Now a grey NP icon will be fixed in your browser toolbar. To start the party, all you need to do is:

  • Open a new tab in your Google Chrome browser and log in to your Netflix account.
  • Find a show or movie you’d like to watch and click on it.
  • You’ll notice that the NP (Netflix Party) icon has turned red. Click on it and select ‘Start the party’. As a host, you have the option to be the only controller pausing and playing the video, or you can let anyone from the group take control.
  • The invite URL will appear in a pop-up box. You need to send it to everyone you want to invite for the watch party. Chat room on the right side of the screen will let you see when someone joins the party.

Now you are all set to enjoy the movie or shows with your friends! Though, it’s not exactly like the real experience of going to theatres with friends. But it has all the features to fill the void of enjoying movies with friends.

2. Amazon Watch Party

Amazon Watch Party – Live More Zone

Amazon Prime Video’s watch party accommodates up to 100 people in a group. But they all must be Prime members. At present, it’s only available on desktop and doesn’t support for Safari and Microsoft Edge (formerly known as Internet Explorer) browsers. Also, unlike Netflix Watch Party, only the host can pause, fast forward, or rewind in Amazon Watch Party.

To host an Amazon Watch Party

Open the detail page of your selected video and look for the ‘Watch Party’ button next to the ‘Watchlist’ button. Click on the button. In the right-hand column, decide what name you want to use within the chat and enter it. Click on ‘Create Watch Party’. Now your movie will play in the center of the screen and on the right will be your chat area and settings tab. By going into settings, you can copy and share your Watch Party link or end the party.

To join an Amazon Watch Party, your friends will have to click on the link or invite you to have sent them. They’ll be redirected to Prime Video and will be asked to enter a username. Once done with that, they can click on ‘Join Watch Party’. Voila! You’ll be enjoying movies with your friends.

3. Zoom Watch Party

Zoom Watch Party – Live More Zone

This is the most flexible option to host a watch party. Where the other streaming services require everyone to have an active account to participate, the Zoom method just requires one person or the host with an account to share his/her screen. By now, we all have become vividly familiar with the mechanics of Zoom as we use it so much for our official meetings while we work from home. Still, we are putting it down for those who are new to this platform.

To host a Zoom Watch Party

Queue up the video you want to watch and start a Zoom meeting. Click the Share Screen button on the bottom of the Zoom window. A pop-up will let you select which application you want to share. Select the browser window that has the video in it. But hold on! Before you click on ‘share’, enable ‘Share computer sound’ and ‘Optimize screen sharing for video clip’ by ticking on checkboxes. Now click ‘Share’ and you’re all set.

However, the biggest drawback of Zoom Watch Party is – if the host is using its free version, watch party is limited to only 40 minutes which can spoil the fun while you are watching a movie with your friends. So, it’s better to get the subscription for a seamless watch party experience.


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