12 May 2021 | 4 min read

Fun Party Ideas For Every Occasion


Parties – remember that elusive thing we used to do before March 2020. With all the social distancing, an unprecedented pandemic and the sheer melancholy of it all, parties are further away from our mind. But when we emerge from these dark times, we would have mastered new ways to party and be there for each other.

After all, parties are get-togethers where people get the chance to break the monotony of life and let their hair down. Of course, given the current times, there are several ways to do that now. Here are the types of party ideas you can execute to ensure you are the star of your next get-together. All of it depends on the situation, isolation or not.

1. Birthday Party

Birthday Party  – Live More Zone

All the conventional birthday party ideas went for a toss when social distancing became the requisite thing. And if you are thinking, how can one celebrate their birthday while following all the social distancing norms, be ready to be surprised. Right from picking a party theme to going for elaborate party decorations and sending out e-invites to your friends who are not there with you physically, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your birthday in the pandemic. Take all the party tips you need from this blog.

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2. Solo Party

Solo Party  – Live More Zone

The two words ‘solo’ and ‘party’ may not be used together often, but when it comes to celebrations, one needs to go all out when celebrating themselves. And this is what a solo party is all about. A fun party where you do all the things you have ever wanted to do. Solo parties are a step-up to embrace self-love and pamper yourself. Right from decorating the room the way you want to lighting up your stock of favourite scented candles and creating a mellow and relaxing atmosphere just for yourself, there are a lot of things you could easily do. Of course, if you want to binge-watch your favourite shows or dance like no one is watching, the party is yours. That is what solo parties are all about – a time for yourself, and the days of isolation and social distancing are the best for it, especially if you are stuck alone in a different city.

3. House Party

House Party  – Live More Zone

A House party can be easily one of the most fun party one can host. Whether it is someone’s birthday celebration or just a get-together family and friends, house parties are like one big event that needs planning and preparation.

If you are throwing a house party for a specific reason, party decorations would be bought and a food list to be prepared depending on the occasion. There is also the guest list to be ready and the kind of music you would be playing. All of it should incorporate the taste of your friends and family too. This is where a good house party planning guide is needed, and we have prepared just the one for you. Check it out here.

4. Watch Party

 Watch Party – Live More Zone

With ‘Netflix and Chill’ being an actual activity, watch parties have officially become a thing. Especially during a pandemic when physically hosting a party becomes risky. Watch parties are also the perfect alternative to going out for movies with your friends and family. Hosting a watch party involves the participation of your friends, a good internet connection and a willingness to watch one movie or series together. For the latter, everyone should keep aside a specific time of day. To host a watch party with your friends, you will need to install extensions and be on top of all the streaming services to watch the movie. All of the details and step-by-step to hosting a watch party is right here.

5. Virtual Party Ideas

	Virtual Party Ideas – Live More Zone

Run out of party ideas in the time of Corona? Fret not, because there is always the virtual party you that can be hosted. Celebrating virtually or even getting married almost has become a thing given how social interactions and events have come to a halt. And if you are looking for unique virtual party ideas for your next celebration or birthday, we have curated all of them right in this blog. From all of your friends decorating the room in the same theme to karaoke nights online, nothing can be done at a virtual party. Just remember to dress up and be there in front of your screen whenever the virtual party is hosted.

When it comes to celebrations, people always find a way, and the unique party ideasthat have sprung up in the wake of limited social events is proof of just that. Ensure you follow all the norms until it is necessary, and once the pandemic is over, all of the party celebrations and ideas of yore will be back on the table. Till then, let us party virtually, from the comfort of our homes.



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