8 May 2020 | 3 min read

7 At Home Solo Party Ideas


Mindset is all that matters when you are social distancing from your peers and family. And if your birthday is during the lockdown season, i.e., anywhere from March to July, you are in for a different kind of celebration this year. A contactless, almost solo party at home. But fret not as we have come up with the most incredible ideas to throw a solo party at home. Yes, when the world is in lockdown, the least you can do is treat yourself and try to be as cheerful and gaily as possible.

1. Decorate Your Home For Party

Decorating Home

Bring out the streamers, balloons, or settle for a mellow decor with incense candles and fairy lights. It’s your solo party at home, put on whatever you like, and set the mood for a celebration with yourself.

2. Bring Out The Party Snacks

Bring Snacks

From tortilla nachos to pizza, whatever it is you like to eat, bring it all out and treat yourself. Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, cook toasties and other savories with the help of online tutorials. There are plenty of those on the Internet with minimal ingredients to ensure everyone can cook it.

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Don’t forget your favourite drink. Bring out the wine, beer, and other beverages that you would be having with your pals.

3. Set The Mood With Your Choice of Songs

Choose Your Music

Retro classics or pop songs! Whatever it is that gets you in a good mood, put it on your speaker and blast off the music. The topmost benefit of hosting a solo party at home is that there will be no judgment from other people about your choice of music. Play all those cringy and peppy songs as well.

Make your playlist on Hungama Play with all your favourite bands and singers. After all, what’s a party without some music, right?

4. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


And once you have jam on, dance your heart out because literally, no one is watching. Whether you are a horrible dancer or an ace at it, no one is here to rate your dancing skills on a scale of 10. Show all your moves and rock the dance floor at this home party. Treat yourself like a queen and enjoy fully at your home party.

5. Play Online Games/Quizzes

Play Online Games

There are plenty of games online that require a single player. Connect your phone to your TV screen and play it on the big screen or do fun quizzes you have always wanted to do and consider a guilty pleasure.

6. Read A Book Or Pamper Yourself

Read A Book

After you have had your favourite snack/food and danced your heart out, put on a sheet mask, and immerse yourself in a different world with a good book. There is no party where you don’t pamper yourself a little, and this is the best way to do it.

7. Have A Binge-Watching Session

Binge Session

From your favourite sitcoms to murder mysteries or sappy romantic comedies, your friends always frowned out. You can run a marathon session of all of them right now from the comfort of your home. Best part? You can throw your solo party at any time of the day be it morning, evening, or night. The idea is to keep yourself happy and engaged in activities that calm your mind and help you get through this trying time. What are you doing to keep yourself happy?



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