29 April 2020 | 5 min read

11 Virtual Party Ideas That You Can Try During Social Distancing


Colourful streamers, quirky-shaped birthday cakes, and blowing balloons to pop them later, birthday celebrations can be cliche, but they are memorable all the same. Especially in a time like this, when social distancing has become the new normal, people are missing out on the conventional ways of celebrating their birthdays.

Whether you went out to fancy restaurants with your tribe or stayed in and cooked dinner for everyone, whatever your choice of celebration, it is now time to think out of the box for some fun, unique and memorable virtual party ideas. Were you thinking about how? Keep reading!

Dance Your Heart Out On Zoom Or Video Calls

Have you been using this meeting app for all your office catch-ups? Put it to use for a fun and fulfilling activity – a virtual party! Get on a group video call with your best pals and dance your heart out to your favourite songs {like you would do in a club/restaurant}.

Dress Up For Occasions

This helps for anything but especially for a party, even if it is virtual. If it’s your birthday or anniversary, make sure you dress up to the T and hang out with your friends/bae. When it comes to anniversary or other intimate celebrations, you can always set up a table with your favourite food, wine and clink your chutes to the screen.

Karaoke Sessions With Your Friends

Whether you are a talented singer or a bathroom singer, does it matter? Google up your favourite song, and it’s lyrics, and sing your hearts out with your friends on a video call. Whether it is Taylor Swift or classic Led Zeppelin, play whatever your heart desires. Make sure you put your headphones on and do this in a living room where you won’t disturb the sanity of others.

If a frenzy music session is too much for your energy, you can always kick back with the golden songs of the 50s-90s of Bollywood. Also did you know that create a personalised playlist on Gaana and get 27 per cent discount on the app using your card? Trust us, it does not get better than this.

Slumber Parties Are Still On

If you are fortunate enough to be under lockdown with a roommate or friend, you can organize a sleepover like the teenage years. Complete with tents made out of bedsheets, snacks and drinks, and a horror movie. However, if you are living alone, fret not as a slumber party on a video call is equally fun.

Watch your favourite rom-com, put on sheet masks, and pamper yourself with the company of your friends on video calls.

Host Watch Parties

Install Netflix’s Party Extension in Chrome, and you are all set to watch the same movie together with your friends/family. When you are watching movies together, it will be paused and resumed for everyone, even if one person takes a break thanks to its synchronized video playback feature. Oh, and you also have a chat room where you can discuss everything.

Relive Your Childhood With A Marathon Of Disney Movies

Disney+ Hotstar is streaming all your favourite Disney movies, TV shows, and superhero movies. Yes, all the avengers have officially assembled there, and if you are nerd about all this, start a marathon with your equally nerdy friends today. Don’t forget to make some popcorn and a big tumbler of ice-cold soda. Now, it looks like you are in a theatre, at least virtually.

Have A Gaming Session With All Your Video Game Fanatics

Thanks to multiplayer options on almost all video games out there, many of you were doing this before Coronavirus. What next you ask then – use the free time to introduce all your video-game-virgin-friends to this madness. After all, this is how new friendship traditions are born, right? Also, as they say more the merrier right?

Watch Stand-Up Comedians On Streaming Platforms

A lot of comedians are going live on their Instagram handle to keep people entertained all over the globe. You can watch these live sessions with your friends or stream an hour-long stand-up of your favourite comedian on Netflix.

We have you sorted with some amazing comedy shows, right here.

Make A Video Montage Of All Your Special Moments

If you have run out of gift ideas for your friend’s birthday party because of e-commerce sites not delivering, make a video montage of all your favorite moments from the time you did step out of the house.

You can even do a little dance, sing something, or give a standing ode to your friend. Things like these bring happy tears, after all! Get to work today.

Do A Readalong Of An Unread Book Or Harry Potter

There isn’t any party like a book party. If you can’t host a book club, you can always get together with three-four of your bookish friends and make a pact to read a big book together. We did this recently, and the experience was so rewarding.

The sheer excitement of keeping spoilers to yourself and discussing them frantically when your friend finally arrives at that chapter, it’s exhilarating. Also, you can share your favourite quotes in a collective group. You can find some incredible book recommendations here.

Keep Sharing Funny And Cringe-Worthy Memes

Last but certainly not least, keep sharing all kinds of relatable memes, videos, and content on different platforms with your friends. This will ensure that you are laughing or getting wiser together, and you have this mundane yet beautiful thing to look forward to in times like these.

Whatever be your idea of a virtual party, just get together, form a group, and make it happen. You will not get this much free time again.

by Priya Chaudhary


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