4 May 2021 | 5 min read

10 Perfect Beach Outfits For You


After a long time, you have finally planned a summer vacation for yourself. You are counting down the days until you can soak up the sun, dip your toes in the sea and simply laze around on the sand. You can’t wait to take the much-needed break. You are finally down to packing your bags and can’t help but wonder —other than a few cute bikinis, swimsuits and cover-up, what other clothes to wear on the beach? Fact is, you are not the only one who has struggled to find the right beach clothes.

A lot of people face the same problem. We get it! As fun as a beach vacation is, beach fashion can be a tad bit overwhelming and needs some planning. We understand that, and to help you make the most of your holiday, we have put together a handful of beach outfit ideas, so you don’t have to stress what to wear on the beach anymore.

We have put together a list of 10 super cool beach outfits, from cute denim skirts to crop tops to dreamy maxi dresses. These fashionable ensembles will keep you comfy and make you look stylishly relaxed and laid back while you make the most of your time on the beach.

1. High-Waisted Shorts + Tank Top + Oversized Sunglasses

Hight waisted shorts  – Live More Zone

If you plan to spend an entire day reading and sipping cocktails on the beach, a pair of high-waisted shorts and a tank top is the ideal beach fashion outfit for your lazy day by the sea. It is comfy and effortlessly chic. Thrown on a pair of oversize sunglasses for much-needed protection and style.

2. One-Piece Swimsuit + Beach Kimono

One-Piece Swimsuit  – Live More Zone

One-piece swimsuits are must-have beach clothes, and no summer vacation is complete without them. Once you are done with your swim, layer the swimsuit with a pretty beach kimono, and you can head to the nearby seaside café for lunch.

3. Cotton Dress + Embellished Bag + Layered Necklace

Cotton Dress – Live More Zone

For something a bit dressier, say for a beachfront date or sundown soiree, a pretty cotton beach dress is ideal for the occasion. It is an easy-breezy dress made for the summer that lets your skin breathe in the warm weather. Pair it with an embellished bag and a dainty layered necklace, and you have a stylish and comfortable beach outfit that will elevate your beach dressing style quotient.

4. Bikini Top + Denim Skirt + Visor + Slides

 Bikini Top – Live More Zone

When it comes to beach outfits, bikinis top the list. But if you don’t want to spend the entire day in a bikini, wear a causal yet polished denim skirt with the bikini top along with slides and visor for an afternoon stroll at the local beach flea market.

5. Printed Sundress + Sunglasses + Floppy Hat

 Printed Sundress – Live More Zone

You are wondering what kind of dresses to wear on the beach? A printed sundress should be your number one go to beach dress. It is lightweight, breezy and can easily be styled up or down depending on your beach activity. Thrown on a big floppy hat and sunglasses, and you can spend the entire day indulging in different beach activities without having to change your outfit.

6. Crop Top + Wrap Skirt

Crop Top  – Live More Zone

Many of our everyday clothes can easily be styled as beach outfits too. A crop top is one of them. So if you plan to spend a lot of time by the water, you should definitely take one of these along with you. Pair it with a wrap skirt for instant summer vibes.

7. Button-Down Shirt + Shorts + Tote + Sandals

Button-Down Shirt  – Live More Zone

A day of fun in the sun is a hot affair. And if you are not looking to spend another day in a swimsuit, we have the next best thing for you: a 100% cotton button-down shirt. Cool and comfortable, it can be styled with a variety of beach outfits. We recommend pairing it with shorts that will look chic and feel like it is barely there. Add a tote and sandals and this is the perfect outfit for lounging on the beach.

8. Maxi Dress + Straw Bag

Maxi Dress  – Live More Zone

Whether you are attending a poolside party or a beachside brunch or shopping at the local bazaar, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. A summer staple, there is a range of styles, colours and prints to choose from. Pair it with a straw bag and fringe earrings  for a sexy summer boho look.

9. Jumpsuit + Scarf

Jumpsuit  – Live More Zone

Never underestimate a jumpsuit, especially if you are looking for something with a hint of sophistication. It exudes classy elegance, and when paired with an eye catching scarf, you have an effortlessly polished look. While you can wear a jumpsuit to your day at the beach, we suggest you bring this one out for a swanky beach party at night.

10. T-Shirt + Wide Leg Pants + Strappy Sandals

Wide Leg Pants  – Live More Zone

Although the beach is full of colourful swimsuits and pretty dresses, not everyone is into these famous beach outfits. If your style tends be a bit more on the modest side, it doesn’t get better than a pair of wide leg pants. Loose, breathable and sophisticated, these pants can be paired with a whole bunch of different tops. Pair it with a comfy T-shirt and strappy sandals, for a chilled out day at the beach.

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