2 May 2019 | 2 min read

5 Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have In Her Bag


We don’t know about you, but we’d rather leave the house without our wallet than forget our nifty make-up  bags. It’s every girl’s secret weapon and the only way to really pull of a ‘day to night’ quick fix. With summer  gaining momentum every single day, here’s what we think every girl’s bag  simply can’t do without.

1. Good Vibes Lip Balm

These come in super fun flavours like chocolate , matcha tea , pina colada, melon, kokum, lychee and more. Pick your favourite, add to cart and make sure you apply a little bit every couple of hours.

2. Sugar Heavy Duty Kohl

Sugar Heavy Duty Kohl  – Live More Zone

Image Courtesy – Pixabay

If you’re looking for something waterproof that’s going to survive eight hours of work and maybe even a few hours of play after that, make sure you invest in a good waterproof kajal. Also, make sure you check its ingredients because something that contains paraffin and is paraben-free is /a good summer investment.

3. Concealers

We love that there is a range of colours to this, meaning you can choose one that matches your skin tone almost exactly.

Tip: Try blending a couple of shades together to get an even better skin  tone match. A few of them also claim to reduce redness, even out your skin tone and hide dark circles. We say, give it a try.

4. Hand Creams

Hand Creams – Live More Zone

Out of all the hand creams out there, Plum seems to have the best variety. There’s also Vienna Coffee , Creme Caramel and Limon so you can take your pick. Special shout-out to our other personal faves, Innisfree hand creams, which work well and have super-light tubes.

Tip – Buy from Purplle  and use your digibank debit card  to avail special discounts.

5. Sun Protect Spray

We’re so glad this handy spray bottle has finally come to India. It’s even water-resistant, meaning all you swimmers  out there should definitely grab one of these immediately. We personally recommend this, so what are you waiting for? Psst, you can choose between SPF 30 and SPF 50.

Add them all to your shopping cart right away.

Image courtesy including featured image – Pexels



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