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The 8 dresses every woman should own


When it comes to dresses, the options are unlimited. LBD is the go-to for drinks and nights out, while maxi dresses are perfect for comfy-cute style during the summer season. And excellent well-fitted printed dresses can get you through an interview and date.

It’s the answer to every “I have nothing to wear” or “I woke up late” problem; the effortless solution to looking your best with the most minimal effort. Having a dress for every occasion means you have a full outfit for anywhere you might go—and one that requires little-to-no thought at that. With so many options available, which dress should you add to your collection?

Set aside those doubts, ladies, because here, we created your one-stop-shop of dresses for every occasion—from a sticky commute to the office to a wedding you need to attend to a nerve-wracking first date. Just add accessories, and you’ll be ready to head out the door in your most comfortable OOTD.

1. Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - Live More Zone

Since Coco Chanel invented it, the little black dress or LDB as it is fondly called has been a wardrobe staple for most women around the world. From dinner dates to office meetings, the dress can get you through pretty much any occasion.

Easy to style, you can effortlessly dress up or down a LBD. Depending on your taste and preference, you can pick one or more in varying lengths, silhouettes and fabrics.

2. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress  - Live More Zone

There are days when you are not in the mood for pants and top; that’s when a perfect shirt dress comes into play. Whether for work or the weekend, you won’t feel overdressed if you wear it to a weekend lunch or underdressed if you wear it to a business meeting.

The shirt dress is not a special-occasion dress, but it’s an elevated alternative to your everyday basics that has become a perennial fashion staple.

3. Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress - Live More Zone

The simple maxi dress can be one of the most useful pieces in a wardrobe. Great for those days when you have a whole lot of errands to run and need something casual and comfortable, but also has the potential to look incredibly chic when all dressed up. From breakfast meetings to movie dates, you’ll fall back on it time and time again.

4. Work Dress

Work Dress -Live More Zone

Dress code or not, every working woman should invest in a polished work dress and make it a part of her wardrobe for everything from interviews, impromptu meetings to a big presentation at work.

Choose a piece that’s easy to pair up with a jacket, can be styled with different accessories, and your footwear of choice.

5. The Night Out Dress

Night Out Dress - Live More Zone

There is always an occasion that doesn’t call for a total glam dress, for times like these you need a great night out dress, that can go from drinks and dinner to a party if need be.

Opt for one that showcases your fun side as well as makes you stand out in the crowd. Invest in a piece that is versatile and will work all year round.

6. Wear-To-Any-Party Dress

Wear To Any Party Dress - Live More Zone

For impromptu parties, special events, and formal dinners, it becomes pretty essential to have an appropriate dress that can be worn to both celebratory and sombre occasions.

Meet wear-to-any party dress. A go-to dress that you can turn to again and again. This dress is something that is a mix of formal and black-tie with a hint of glam. Choose a style and silhouette that complements your body type and reinvent it each time by pairing it with different accessories.

7. Made For Layering Dress

Made For Layering Dress - Live More Zone

Dress today, jacket tomorrow! Some dresses start as a dress, but their true potential can be found in the many different ways they can be restyled. Be it a trench dress, dungaree or button front shift, invest in a dress that is perfect for layering up.

With the ability to pair with top, tees, blazer, jeans and more, this dress can easily be restyled as jacket, cape and duster. With just one dress, you can create ten looks. Ain’t that a sweet deal!

8. Printed Dress 

Printed Dress - Live More Zone

If you’re in the mood for something eye-catching, then turn to the always in style printed dress. From safe to statement-making options, the versatile printed piece makes you look instantly put-together and can be dressed up or down with smart layering and a simple swap of accessories.

Whether you prefer feminine florals, vibrant stripes, or dynamic tribal pattern, there is a printed dress to suit your taste.

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