12 April 2021 | 4 min read

6 Gifts For Chefs They Actually Want


One of the best things that happened in the coronavirus -induced pandemic was the revelation that a lot of us can cook. Even if not a sumptuous feast but something quick and yum to satiate our cravings. Whether you became a self-approved chef or have a cook in your life who never disappoints you with their delicacies and first-attempt wonders cooked from Instagram reel recipes, there is a little something you can do to brighten up their day.

Gift them something that validates all their hard work in the kitchen . A memento to express how much you love their baked desserts and savouries. If you are confused about the perfect gift for chefs , we have got you covered. Just follow our lead, and pick something relatable and funky for your chef/cook friend or family member. The reward? Another delicious  dish as a thank you from your chef/cook friend. That is how they show their love, don’t they?

A handy guide to gifting options for Chefs/Cooks

Peruse this curation of gifts for cooksthat every cook/chef might secretly dream about and make for some incredible gifts. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to weave some magic in their life, just make sure you know what type of cook they are and select the gift accordingly.

1. Cordless Hand Whisker/Blender

The biggest headache of a baker? Whisking that whipping cream/brownie batter for at least an hour or half before those fluffy soft peaks show up. This is where this beautiful cordless hand whisker comes in. Not only it saves them time and energy, but they will be enthused and pumped up to try and bake more sugary delights, which they share with you. Plus, it is cordless, which takes away the hassle of being attached to a wall and getting the wires tangled in the batter. Kitchen horror, right?

When it comes to kitchen gift ideasfor your baker friends, you cannot go wrong with this one.

2. Instant Read Thermometer

One of the excruciating pain points of baking chicken roasts, pies or even cakes and brownies for that matter is knowing what is going inside the oven. This is where the instant-read thermometer saves the day. Whether your chef/cook friend is boiling pasta at a specific temperature, simpering the meat or roasting it, knowing you have achieved that exact temperature will save them a lot of anxiety.

This might be the perfect gift for cooking lovers that they might not even know that they need.

3. Personalised Chef Apron and Hat

Cliché but the best sort because who doesn’t love an apron and a hat. Well, a hat depends on whether your chef/cook friend will wear on in the kitchen, but a cooking aproncustomised with their name or even their illustration of a still from when they were busy whipping up delicacies in the kitchen will be perfect. You can browse the internet for various DIY shops that do customised apron and hats.

4. Set of Knives with Magnetic Wall Stand

No cook/chef’s kitchen is complete without a set of sturdy knives and a magnetic wall stand to display the said knives. You can opt for a set of five stainless steel knives that includes everything from meat knife to bread and vegetable knife. You can even buy them in cute colours if your chef/cook friend is crazy about cute kitchen essentials. It is a thing!!

5. Set of Champagne Flutes

For those evenings, when your chef/cook friends or fam have cooked their best dishes and worn themselves out in the process. A set of champagne flutes is perfect for their kitchen collection and something that they can take out every once in a while to enjoy an evening.

Whether they are a wine enthusiast or someone who loves to drink their whiskey or scotch neat, everything looks good in a flute. Plus, it is pretty Instagrammable if they ever decide to start their food page.

6. Cookbooks from their favourite chef

Yes, there are plenty of cooking shows and recipes available online for your friends to learn from and become better cooks. So, why a cookbook? Because nothing can replace the sheer joy that comes from cooking from a recipe book with detailed and printed instructions and pictures accompanying each step. Whether they like Nigella Lawson or Betty Crocker, there is a favourite chef of every cook, and you should find who is that for your friend. Once you have done this, buy them a hard copy; if you can get it signed by the chef who created it, even better.

You never know, with a cookbook in hand, your friend might become the next Julie Powell, from Julie and Julia. If you haven’t, definitely watch this movie with your cook/chef friend with anything that has been melted and made in butter. You will know why specifically butter, when you watch the movie.

When it comes togift ideas for your cheffriends, the options are endless. From cute cutlery to coffee mug sets that will go with the kitchen aesthetic, there are plenty of things you can gift them. You just have to figure out what they need and would love at first sight. And if nothing comes to mind, stick to our fundamental gifting guide for cooks. Check out the promotional offers on digibank by DBS  for various online shopping sites to order a gift for your friend. With hefty and exclusive discounts running on the site, you are in for a treat.



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