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10 Best Gifts For Men


Congrats, your search for the best gifts for men ends here. Men love receiving gifts as much as women do. However, it can be daunting to do gift shopping for men. The reason being men are generally minimalists or already own most of the things that they need. Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered.

We’ve prepared a master list of gift ideas for men that your friend, dad, co-worker, brother, or husband/boyfriend will appreciate receiving. This list of best gifts for men has something for everyone – men who are obsessive sneakers and watches  collectors, men who enjoy staying fit, men who like outdoorsy activities or men who love to lounge around the house. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any other special day, and you can find the best gifts for men here. Read on to find some unique gifts for men to help you make his special day extra memorable.

List of best gifts for men:

1. Gadgets

Gadgets – Live More Zone

Yes, we are starting with the safest option. That’s because you can’t go wrong with gadgets as a gift because every man loves them. You can choose from smartphones, headphones, bluetooth speakers, drones, action cameras, gaming consoles, etc.

Approx. cost: Above Rs. 1,500

2. Leather Jackets

Jackets – Live More Zone

It is believed, every man should own at least one leather jacket. It adds cool quotient to any outfit like nothing else. No wonder it’s one of the popular birthday gifts for men. So, when in doubt, go for an uber cool leather jacket. If you are feeling generous, you can even gift boots to rock with the jacket. 

Approx. cost: Rs. 3,000

3. Perfumes

Perfumes – Live More Zone

Men feel good when they smell good. There are lots of options when it comes to perfumes. You should go for the one that’s subtle and rare. Pick out the perfect fragrance that will let your man get through the day in style.  

Approx. cost: Above Rs. 2,500

4. Aviators

Aviators – Live More Zone

How can we miss out on aviators when we are talking about the best gifts for men? A pair of aviators never goes out of style. You can also explore other sunglasses styles such as wayfarers, round ones, sports styles, etc., based on the personality of the man you want to gift the same. A word of advice – there are many options for aviators online so that you can buy them depending on your budget. Keep your card handy for easy payment options.

Approx. cost: Rs. 4,000

5. Trampoline

It’s a great combination of fun and fitness. A portable trampoline for the home can be the best way to get your man moving. It will undoubtedly delight his inner child, this is one of the best gifts for men. You can easily find it online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Approx. cost: Above Rs. 4,500

6. Fitness tracker

Fitness tracker – Live More Zone

You can gift-quality fitness band to men as it will healthily benefit them. It will give them insights into their heart rate, calorie burn, sleep, and more. We won’t be surprised if fitness tracker for men officially become the gift of the year. 

Approx. cost: Rs. 2,500

7. Grooming & Trimming Kit

Grooming Kit – Live More Zone

Get your hands on a grooming kit that contains everything he needs to tame his mane. From boar bristle brush to wood comb to hair and beard trimmer, and more. This is a practical and valuable gift that the man you will gift it to will love. You can rely on The Man Company to get the best quality grooming  products for men. Pay with digibank Debit Card  to get 25% off on their website.

Approx. cost: Rs. 5,000

8. Book

Book – Live More Zone

Everyone appreciates a good book. Gift a book that belongs to the genre that the man you are gifting it to loves reading. It can be fiction, sports, history, or any other book. With this, you can even give a customised or quirky bookmark.

Approx. Cost: Rs. 500

9. Coffee maker

Coffee maker – Live More Zone

This is an excellent gift if he loves sipping coffee all the time. Nothing can beat a quality coffee maker when it comes to gifting men. You can finally go beyond giving men in your life watches, shoes, or apparels. If he enjoys cooking as well, here are some gifts ideas that will help you pick the perfect gift for him for the next few years.

Approx. cost: Rs. 1,600

10. Lounge pants

Lounge pants – Live More Zone

This has to be one of the best gifts for men considering the pandemic scenario. Most people are working from home – that’s why a comfy pair of lounge pants makes total sense. Complete his look with a stylish t-shirt. These will make for a fantastic weekend outfit even after everything gets back to normal.

Approx. cost: Rs. 1,000

Now finding unique gifts for men won’t feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Looking for more gift ideas for men? Here you go!



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