30 October 2020 | 4 min read

Best Fitness Equipment To Setup Your Own Gym At Home


A membership to a high-end gym or a boutique fitness class in a metro city is a luxury one can seldom afford. Throw in the pandemic and going out to exercise became a thing of the past. In such times, people who could muster the courage and self-discipline started working out from home. If you are one of those people, having a home gym set could be the next step to your fitness journey.

From fitness cycles to gym instruments that don’t look daunting and occupy much space but give you the avenue to work those muscles, there is plenty of fitness equipment you can add to your home gym. Here are a few of them.

1. Resistance Bands

Resistance Band

Whether you are doing squats, lunges or any other form of exercise that involves your glutes, place the resistance band for an intense workout session. You can even use to get those toned arms and do away with all the flab around the arms.

2. Medicine Ball

I miss the medicine ball because just throwing it to the wall and squatting, in turn, was all the stress-buster I needed after tense office hours. You can keep one handy as your home gym equipment to throw on the wall, to your workout partner or do push-ups and sit-ups with it if you are that hard-core gym enthusiast.

3. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

The one thinks that I have stuck to throughout the lockdown is Yoga. I wasn’t a yoga person before, but now that I have done bits of it, I can vouch for it. And if you feel the same or are toying with the idea of trying Yoga, a firm, non-slippery yoga mat will be your best friend.

4. Yoga Blocks

And the yoga blocks! It may not seem necessary for everyone, but if you are a beginner and need a little lift and support during various inversions, yoga blocks will come in handy.

5. Multi-functional Treadmill


Miss running but can’t do so because of lockdown, rain or any other reason? Buy a multi-functional treadmill that is compact and packs a punch when it comes to your exercise hours. You can put this up in a small corner of your house that you will later call your home gym.

6. Exercise Bike

For all the cardio enthusiasts, one necessary exercise equipment for home has to the exercise bike. I still remember, 10 minutes on this beast and I sweated like a pig which is good if the sweating is happening in the gym, you know!

7. Dumbbells


A set of dumbbells ranging from 1 kg to at least 10-15 kg depending on your strength is a good addition to your home gym. From toning your triceps and bicep to those pesky chest exercises, it can help you with everything. You can even do weighted squats and lunges to add that extra intensity to your sessions.

8. Kettlebell

From deadlifts to swings, a kettlebell gives you space for a myriad of exercises that can elevate your strength training to a whole another level. And given the small size of this gym equipment, you will be happy with how little space it takes in your home gym.

9. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

Probably the most inexpensive piece of gym equipment, a skipping rope is perfect for cardio and shedding those extra kilos. 1000 to 1500 skips per day is what kept my exercise routine happening in the national lockdown of the pandemic. On those days, when you don’t feel like lifting weights or doing anything else, trying to skip to burn some calories and induce those endorphins.

10. Ankle Weights

Again, ankle weight is something that you can add to your existing exercise routine like squats, jumping jacks, calve raise and lunges. It is perfect for toning your glutes and calves and gives your workout an edge if you are bored with the same sets. Go for a set of 1 kg – 3 kg depending on where your body is at, exercise-wise.

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How To Choose The Right (And Best) Gym Equipment?

Choose Gym Equipment

Now you have a fair idea of what you want when it comes to the gym. How do you pick the right equipment, though? The first thing you should consider is your budget. Have a fixed budget in mind and browse the web and your local stores accordingly. Even with a personal loan and debit card offers, you don’t want to go overboard.

The second thing should be the space you have in your home. Some people can dedicate a whole room while others only have their balcony for setting up the gym. Factor in the space before you purchase a bulky and expensive piece of equipment that won’t fit.

Last but not least, buy the equipment that suits your preferred workout. If you are into yoga, buying the weights won’t help and vice versa.

Thus, be mindful of what you would actually need and shop accordingly for your home gym. Happy exercising!



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