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7 Best Indian Wine Brands You Must Try


In India, when it comes to drinking, whiskey, vodka, rum, and beer are the usual preference when it comes to drinkings. However, there are a considerable amount of people who have a taste for good red wine. Rapidly emerging Indian wineries are testimony to that. In short, it’s safe to say that the wine scene  in India is getting better day by day. Apart from being the most healthy and hygienic beverage , wine is known to symbolise class and status. Here we have listed some of the best wine brands in India that you can pick for your next house party or a romantic date night

For the love of wine, let’s explore popular Indian wine brands. Here are the seven best Indian wine brands that you must try. Best part? You can find these brands online and pay using your debit card. Trust us, it does not get better than this.

1. York Arros

York Arros  – Live More Zone

It’s paprika-like aroma delights many and tastes well with everything from spicy Indian food to cheese to chocolates. Arros is one of the flagship wines by York Winery based in Nashik. This winery is behind the creation of one of the best red wine brands in India. This fine wine is crafted by blending the winery’s best Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, then aged for 13 months in French and American Oak barrels and 12 months in the bottle before it’s poured with passion into wine glasses.

Price: INR 1100 (Approx.) for 750 ml.

2. Sula Rasa Shiraz

Sula Rasa Shiraz  – Live More Zone

If we are talking about wines, it’s impossible not to speak about Sula. It is known for producing the best wines in India for years now. That’s the reason it is one of the largest and most loved Indian wine brands. Sula Rasa Shiraz is a limited-edition wine from Sula winery. Meticulously made from handpicked grapes, Rasa is stored for 12 months in high-quality French oak barrels and then further matured in the bottle before release. That’s the reason behind its unmatched taste and unforgettable aroma. Enjoy this finest wine with barbeque dishes or gouda cheese .

Price: INR 1500 (approx.) for 750 ml.

3. Fratelli Sette

Fratelli Sette  – Live More Zone

Made from 60% Sangiovese + 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 100% perfection, Sette is a flavoursome, smooth red wine from Fratelli vineyards which is located in Akluj, near Pune. Its high price says a lot about its unprecedented quality achieved by maturing it in French oak barrels for 14 months. Smoky coffee and chocolate are the dominant flavours of this premium wine. No wonder it has made a place for itself among the best wine brands. Containing 13.5% of alcohol, Fratelli Sette is one of India’s leading red wine brands and is enjoyed mostly with spicy India dishes.

Price: INR 1600 (approx.) for 750 ml.

4. Grover La Reserve

	Grover La Reserve  – Live More Zone

This award-winning wine is a creation of Grover Zampa Vineyards, Karnataka. It’s making has a French touch to it, the reason being Kanwal Grover, founder of Grover Zampa Vineyards, visited some wineries in France in the 1970s. He was awed by the beauty of winemaking and was inspired to start a winery of his own. His dream finally became a reality in 1992, and the rest is history.

Grover La Reserve is one of the bestselling wines from Grover Zampa. It’s rich and smooth taste comes from 16-month ageing in new French oak barrels. It tastes marvellous with hard cheese and roasted meat. So, don’t forget to make Grover La Reserve, one of the best wine brands in Indian, part of your next party to make it a memorable one. 

Price: INR 2150 (approx.) for 750 ml

5. Big Banyan Merlot

Big Banyan Merlot  – Live More Zone

This divinely smooth red wine comes from Big Banyan Wines, located in Nashik Valley, where India’s best wines are made. It has a delightful fragrance of cherries, berries and plums accompanied by black pepper and cocoa. Thanks to its fun, free and easy vibe, this wine suits everyone’s taste. You can serve this wine chilled with grilled meat or vegetables, pasta or medium spicy Indian food for a fun and entreating house party with friends. 

Price: INR 750 (Approx.) for 750 ml

6. KRSMA Sangiovese

KRSMA Sangiovese  – Live More Zone

This perfection-flaunting wine is proudly made by KRSMA Estate – a famous winery of Hampi Hills, India. It’s one of the red wine brands where you can feel dominant fruit flavour with every sip of this wine. Made with utmost passion and expertise, KRSMA Sangiovese is matured in fine grain French oak barrels for several months. What’s more, it tastes divine with Hummus  and the chicken  tomato tartlets.

Price: INR 1800 (approx.) for 750 ml

7. Myra Misfit

Myra Misfit  – Live More Zone

This wine is nothing but a perfect blend of Sauvignon and Shiraz aged in French oak barrels for 18 months. Due to being unfiltered, its taste is spicy and fruity with a bit of a sweet finish. Rich in natural characteristics, this wine is a creation of Bangalore based Myra Vineyards. This is India’s first unfiltered wine, which is best enjoyed when paired with pizza, pasta, chicken dishes.

PS – Don’t feel like cooking? Use your digibank card  and order dishes from restaurants across the order. 

Price: INR 1500 for 750 ml

We hope now you are well-aware of the best wine brands that are pure gems and have the potential to elevate your palate.   



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