20 April 2021 | 4 min read

Best Personalized Gift Ideas For Friends And Family


One of the most common and popular ways to express your love and gratitude towards your family, friends and loved ones is to bestow them with a gift. And honestly, we all love a good gift, especially those that have a personal touch. Unique personalised gifts are ideal for those special people and occasions in your life. And the good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. There are plenty of personalised gift options to choose from across a multitude of budgets.

So whether you’re seeking customised gifts for friends and loved ones or personalised birthday gifts for family members, we’ve got a feeling you’re going to love what’s ahead. We have rounded up five of the most fabulous personalised gift ideas that will make shopping easy and fun. From jewellery  to clothes  and even handmade pieces, there is something for everyone on your list. Keep reading to check out our top picks of best-personalised gifts for friends and family.

1. Handmade Presents

Handmade Presents  – Live More Zone

Sometimes, you have a difficult time finding the perfect gift online or in a store. No matter how much you have searched for it, you just don’t like what is available in the market. Since you can’t find anything, why not make something instead? Handmade presents are not unique and special, but they also have severe sentimental value and are the best-personalised gifts to give a loved one. Are you looking for handmade personalised gift ideas? We have a few suggestions. Depending on your craft skills and what gift you have in mind, you can create anything from your grandfather’s knitted sweater to your mother’s crochet scarf. And if DIY is more your thing, then you can make trinket boxes for your niece or hand paint a tote bag for your best friend. There is no limit to handmade presents. You can do a whole lot of things for your loved ones.

2. One Of A Kind Jewellery

 One Of A Kind Jewellery – Live More Zone

Remember when you used to make a U-pin necklace for your mom and get so excited that you made something exclusively for her. Why not do the same now? Jewellery is always a special gift reserved for special occasions. But if you are looking for unique personalised gifts, you can have a one of a kind jewellery piece designed and made for your loved one. Depending on your price range, you can pick a personalised jewellery piece to fit your budget. Instead of a regular necklace, you can gift a birthstone pendant to your wife or a cute initial necklace to your daughter, or a bracelet with the entire family’s zodiac sign charms to your mother. If your brother is a fan of a specific team, gets him cufflinks made with the team colours or inspirational quote bangles for your partner. When it comes to personalised gift ideas, you can always count on customised jewellery.

3. Custom-Made Clothes

 Custom-Made Clothes – Live More Zone

We all have received as well as gifted clothing items sometime in our life. This time around, if you want to give the best personalised gifts instead of a regular store-bought piece, we highly recommend custom-made clothes. And the best part is you can create new pieces by repurposing old ones. Take the motifs and borders from your grandmother’s old sarees and use them to have a new saree made for your mother or you can get a hand-painted tee-shirt made for your brother with his favourite team’s logo on it or upcycle pieces from your sister’s beloved childhood dresses and have a jacket made from it. If your goal is to gift a personalised present to a loved one, custom-made clothes will ideally send your message across. This unique clothing piece will be very close to their heart because of the effort you put into having the gift item customised to suit their personality.

4. Personalised Mug

Personalised Mug – Live More Zone

We all love a good cup of coffee or tea, and when you have a personalised mug to go with it, it just makes the whole tea/coffee drinking experience more delightful. You know your mother’s morning cup of coffee is very special to her. Gift her a personalised mug with the entire family’s photo so she can start her day with a perfect cup of coffee. Be it your family or friends, and you can gift a personalised mug to just about anyone you love. From movie quotes, motivational lines to caricatures and even family pictures, a personalised mug is one of the best personalised gifts that will work for sure put a smile on your loved ones face and think fondly of you whenever they use your gift.

5. Monogrammed Gift

Monogrammed Gift  – Live More Zone

Whether embossed, embroidered, or engraved, monogrammed pieces are one of the best personalised gifts bound to be remarkable. Instead of a regular keychain, gift your best friend a monogrammed one or get monogrammed cufflinks made for your father’s 60th birthday. You can customise jewellery items like pendants, lockets, and bracelets for your mother and wife with their monogram engraved on them. From bathrobes to towels to handkerchief, you can pretty much add a monogram to any piece and add a personal touch to the gift.  If you are looking for personalised gift ideas, a monogrammed item is a perfect choice among customised gifts to dazzle your loved one on their special day.



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