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Brands That Are Best For Plus Size Clothing In India


The one question I most commonly get asked in real life and online is – “Where do you buy your clothes from?” Considering the significant shortage of plus size clothing in India, this query doesn’t surprise me at all. Yes, plus size fashion has been growing in India and is not as scarce as it used to be till a few years ago. However, it is often quite hit and miss. On rare occasions, you find a brand that does make plus size clothing in India; chances are, the fit would be flawed, or the design would be bland and boring. If you manage to find something that looks good and fits great, the pricing would be expensive and way out of your budget.

To make your shopping experience smooth and fruitful, we decided to find plus size brands that offer accessible size ranges, trendy designs, versatile silhouettes, and not over the top price points. Scroll down for the best brands for curvy and plus size clothing in India.

1. Amydus – Plus Size Clothing

One of India’s finest home-grown plus size brands, Amydus has proven time and time again that it is a brand that understands what plus size women want and is willing to cater to their sartorial needs. In its selection of size 2XL to 7XL wears, you will find everything from luxurious Indian wear, professional attire to statement capes and everyday basics. Amydus prioritizes plus-size consumers and designs pieces that look good, fit well, and appeal to different plus size body types all across India.

2. aLL – The Plus Size Store

Launched in 2005, aLL is one of the best brands for plus size clothing in India. To make fashion size-inclusive, aLL decided to create clothes specifically for plus-sized women and men who wanted to look their best. Size ranging from 0 to 5 (XXL to 7XL), aLL offers everything from western to ethnic wear and accessories. With more than 70 standalone stores across 35 cities in India, the brand has become iconic for providing quality and accessible plus size fashion to both women and men.

3. Half Full

There is a pointed sort of ethereal wonderment in every piece of Half Full Curve. Started by sisters Rixi and Tinka Bhatia, Half Full is a size-inclusive designer label that brings to life ever plus-size woman’s sartorial dream. Since its launch in 2017, Half Full Curve has been creating trend-driven gems for women of all sizes and shapes. Whether form-fitting, flowing, statement, tailored, minimal, each Half Full Curve piece stands true to the brand’s motto of ‘You Are So Much More Than A Number.’

4. Westside’s Gia and Sassy Soda

Westside’s in-house plus size brands Gia and Sassy Soda, are all about offering quality options that evoke the latest high fashion trends designed explicitly for the plus-size woman. Gia offers classic feminine style with pretty prints and tailored fits, while Sassy Soda is ideal for those who like casual-chic pieces with a hint of edge. Catering to sizes XS to 2XL (16 to 26), both the brands offer attractive and affordable pieces for plus size women.

5. Sindrellastorie

With plus size, blogger turned entrepreneur Vigya Walia Kaushik at the helm, sartorial aspirations of plus size women were the driving force behind Sindrellastorie. The brand offers chic western wear pieces in different styles, prints, and silhouettes in size 14 through 28. I find most commendable about Sindrellastorie’s editorials and e-commerce shots because it mainly features Vigya. This visibly plus-size woman shows their consumers what these beautifully designed and well-constructed clothes will look like on plus-size bodies like ours.

6. Nexus by Lifestyle

From one of India’s most famous fashion destinations, Nexus is Lifestyle’s plus-size brand. Available at Lifestyle stores across the country and size ranging from 16 to 24, Nexus offers an exciting mix of casual and contemporary styles in a variety of fabrics, prints, and silhouettes that fit beautifully. To promote positive body image and encourage women to embrace their curves, Nexus aims to show that real fashion is not limited by size.

7. The Plum Tree

Founded by sisters Amber and Andaleb Qureshi, The Plum Tree is one of the few Indian plus size brands run by plus size women. An unapologetic plus size fashion brand, The Plum Tree encourages women to experiment and have fun with fashion. The range of sizes is from 16 to 32. The Plum Tree is one of the very few Indian brands to offer extended sizes to Indian women. From flowy dresses  to sexy body cons, The Plum Tree believes in empowering full-figured women with clothes that give them the confidence to be comfortable in their skin at every size and shape.

8. Afamado

Imagine a brand that offers on-trend designs, fashion-forward pieces, everyday essentials, and more for not just straight size but also plus size? Afamado offers you attractive, stylish clothes made to your size and perfect to flaunt your curves. Whether you are an apple or pear shape, size 2 or 22, Afamado will make it in your size if you like a style. Starting from XS and available up to 6XL (4 – 24), Afamado offers a wide range of fabrics, silhouettes, and designs.

9. Lastinch

A one-stop-shop for all things women’s fashion, Lastinch provides curvy and size women with the latest trends and premium quality fashion at affordable prices. Regardless of size, Lastinch’s prime goal is to offer women clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident. With a wide array of styles and silhouettes and a diverse collection of fabrics and prints, the range caters to customers sizes XXS to 8XL, or UK 8 to 32, making it a genuine size-inclusive Indian fashion brands. Tip – You can shop for most of these brands online – make sure you use your card for easy payment options.



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