27 May 2020 | 4 min read

Check Out These 5 Crockery Brands For Stunning Ceramic Crockery


There is something deeply soothing about ceramics; that perfect glaze, the soft twists, and the ability to turn even the most basic meal into an Instagram dream. Now whether you’re slowly getting obsessed with clicking all your quarantine meals and chronicling them online or have always been someone who takes pride in hosting house parties, you know that ceramic crockery can be quite the game-changer.

So, here is our pick of crockery brands whose oil dispensers, beer mugs, dinner plates and cake stand we love, either because they’re shiny as silk or colourful as a spring forest.

1. Minimal Indian

Minimal Indian Crockery Brand - Live More Zone

If you’re looking for poetry in your chai mugs with an occasional pop of colour, their ceramic kitchenware might be right up your alley. The makers behind these ceramics are smitten by nostalgia, and their crockery harks back to a simpler, happier time. The name, Minimal Indian aptly describes the very ethos behind this brand that makes everything from scratch and hand-paints every design.

The palpable touch of Indianness with a dash of sweet old-world charm makes their pasta bowls and quarter plates a worthy addition to your crockery cabinet.

2. Freedom Tree

Freedom Tree Crockery Brand - Live More Zone

A balanced mix of out-there and shy, Freedom Tree’s collection of ceramic dinner sets and serving pots and pans is a treat to sore eyes. Our heart lies with their Sangolda collection that’s a lovely tribute to quaint village life with its blue and green homes and Mombaye with its black and white love letter to the city’s old architecture.

If you lean towards subtle, they’ve got a yummy range of pale pastels in powder pink, muddy blue and sea green to draw all the attention to the food you make. Oh, did we say they’re all hand-painted?

3. White Hill Studio

White Hill Studio Crockery Brand - Live More Zone

Our love affair with White Hill Studio’s ceramic crockery has been long-standing. We’ve forever admired their ability to wrap up some of those beauteous forests, starry skies and mountain peaks and bring them to our dinner table. Inspired by life in the hills (Nandita’s studio is in Shimla), their ceramic crockery depicts deep, bold colours and patterns in one instant (Midnight in Mashobra) and turns dainty and serene in the other (Old English Garden).

Their rare Paaro range har our heart for the way it celebrates the spirit and character of tigress Parwaali on tumblers and platters. If you haven’t figured yet, each collection has a story, and it’s as compelling as the ceramics themselves.

4. The Little Goldfish

The Little Goldfish Crockery Brand -Live More Zone

Anu Cheeran whose IG handle is The Little Goldfish regularly offers a peek into her pottery studio in Kerala and the collections she’s working on presently. She swears by natural materials, and it’s easy to see nature influence her design aesthetic in so many ways. We love her plates, teapots and mugs that come with a pop of vibrant teals, reds and greens.

There’s a rustic edge to her dinnerware that defies conventional shapes to say that it has a language of its own. We suggest the next time you’re looking for a conversation starter for those dinner guests, head right over to Instagram and find Anu.

5. Terravida

Terravida Crockery Brand- Live More Zone

This Goa-based brand came on our radar thanks to the Christmas collection but stuck way beyond. With a quaint store in Fontainhas, they’re not just your chance at taking home some lovely souvenirs on your vacay but also deserve some space on your dinner table with their Endless Summer Collection that features the prettiest avocado plants, tangerines and marigolds.

They keep the pottery tradition from the Portuguese era alive by working with artists who make all this limited-edition dinnerware by hand.

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