8 December 2020 | 4 min read

5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones


Like all other festivals, Christmas too is set to be a little different this year. While we can’t celebrate it the way we used to, thankfully, we can still bestow our loved ones with the best Christmas gifts. To help you select the right Christmas presents for your friends, family, colleagues, and partner, we have compiled a selection of Christmas present ideas that covers everyone on your gifting list. From pocket-friendly to extravagant, there’s something for every type of recipient and budget. What are you waiting for? Start shopping!

1. Everyday Essentials

Everyday Essentials – Live More Zone

Not sure what to gift your office Secret Santa or co-worker you don’t know well or your new sister-in-law, especially when you have had very little interaction with them? You need items that are thoughtful and exciting but not very expensive and won’t unintentionally offend in any way. Yeah, not a comfortable balance to strike! When you want to play it safe yet leave a smile on their face, we highly recommend gifting everyday essentials. Grooming kit for your team leader, a tote bag for the department’s intern, daily planner for HR representative, makeup for your new sister-in-law. Everyday essentials are the ideal Christmas gifts for office colleagues and extended family members. They are easy to shop and are appreciated by all.

2. DIY Delight

DIY Ideas – Live More Zone

No matter how much you look around, sometimes you can’t find the right gift. There is always something amiss about it. Since you can’t seem to find the exact piece you are looking for, why not make one instead? With a wide variety of DIY ideas to choose from, there is a different kind of satisfaction and joy in gifting a special hand-made gift to a loved one. If you enjoy thread work, then knit a sweater for your dad, crochet a scarf for your mother, make a beaded bracelet for your niece. If you are an arts and crafts kind of person, DIY a photo frame for your best friend, hand paint a tablet sleeve for your cousin, make a pair of cufflinks for your boss. This way your Christmas gifts will be one of a kind and memorable.

3. Made For You

Handmade gifts – Live More Zone

Making a gift with your own hands is incredibly thoughtful and sure to make the recipient happy. But what if you can’t make that specific gift or are not the DIY kind? What do you do then? Simple! What you can’t make yourself, you have it custom-made. When it comes to Christmas presents that mean something, a bespoke gift is your best option.

From yoga mats to coffee mugs and from cake to coffee, you can have something special and unique made for your loved ones. Get a batch of cupcakes with individual sun sign design made for your best friends, a box of scented candles for your client, a handcrafted leather-bound journal for your partner, a family portrait painting for your parents, monogrammed socks for your office team. Not only are these gifts unique, but this is an excellent way for you to support small and local business. When it comes to personalized, custom-made gifts, you are spoilt for choice.

4. Out Of The Box

Different gift ideas – Live More Zone

We all aim to give the best gift for Christmas to our loved ones. But this year, if you have decided to give an extraordinary gift to the closest people in your life, go with an out of the box gift. What’s that? This gift is more of an experience rather than a thing. Instead of gifting your mother a bag or outfit gift her a pottery workshop course she has been dreaming of or sign up your partner for drum lessons or treat your brother to a trek he has wanted to take or get your best friend tickets to her favourite singer’s concert. While these gifts don’t come in a box and with a bow on it, they are just as personal, intimate, and unique, like the rest.

5. A Gift For Life

Conventional gifts – Live More Zone

Every year we look for Christmas gift ideas that will be better than the previous year. Just like last year, this year too, we all have been searching for the perfect Christmas gift for someone special. Nothing says extra-special quite like an exclusive luxury piece. Think jewelry, classic timepiece, an antique collectable, and so on. Now, you can’t give everyone such expensive gifts, but you can always get your father a high-end branded watch he has been wanting for years or gift your wife those diamond earrings she has been lusting after or a treat your grandmother to a vintage doll set she used to have as a kid. These gifts are investment pieces that can be passed down for generations to come. And in case you are out of gift ideas for Christmas, you can always gift money. Yes, it sounds unimaginative and lacks creativity, but the money you gift can come in handy and at times be worth more than any other present.



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