1 July 2020 | 3 min read

Best Handbags That Will Never Go Out Of Style


It’s confession time: Out of all the accessories available, I seem to always gravitate toward bags. Big, small, statement, subtle, latest, vintage, I love them all. I don’t think any look is complete without a bag. Plus, one of the best parts about bags is, if you take good care of them, they can have a long lifespan. If you’re looking to invest in an accessory, my advice is to invest in a bag.

From current to classic, I found six stylish bags that would instantly elevate your look and match every outfit in your wardrobe. Best part? You can buy all the below bags and more at Caprese – use your card and get 10 per cent on your purchase. Find out more here.

1. Tote

Tote - Live More Zone

Looking for a bag to carry pretty much all your belonging, something chic for your 9-to-5 weekday routine yet casual enough to carry around on weekends? A tote is just what you need. The best part about a tote – it can be as big or small as you like. Select one in a go-with-everything colour such as tan or beige, and you can effortlessly pair it with a pencil skirt and blazer for work, with a colourful maxi dress for weekend brunch, and jeans and tee for a movie date.

2. Satchel

Satchel  - Live More Zone

Oversized bags, not your style. Fear not! The compact-but-roomy satchel is just what you need. Useful and chic, it is the perfect choice for those who prefer a hands-free functional bag. The satchel fits all your everyday must-haves comfortably, and you can carry it to a business meeting; breakfast or cocktail, or to a weekend gateway.
Available in a variety of shapes and colours, you can pick one in a safe, neutral shade for your daily use or go for a vibrant hue to add a colour pop to your outfit.

3. Clutch

Clutch - Live More Zone

As much as I love a good tote bag, certain occasions call for something miniature. That is when the clutch comes in handy. A festive wedding season fave, the clutch is an ideal party accessory. Just the right size to fit your essentials and easy to carry without weighing you down. Available in all kinds of shapes, textures and colours, a clutch can be paired with a saree, evening gown or a sequin blazer and jeans.

4. Backpack

Backpack -Live More Zone

If you think backpacks are just for school kids, think again! The back-to-school backpack of your childhood has gotten a significant makeover and upgraded. When you’re out and about and want to be hands-free, swap your work tote for a work-appropriate backpack.

Available in varying sizes, you can opt for one that suits your needs. And if you are not the backpack to work kind of person, you can use them for a weekend gateway or Sunday picnic.

5. Sling

Sling - Live More Zone

Want to invest in a bag you can wear everywhere and is easy to carry? Then treat yourself to a useful sling. Chic and easy to style, they’re also very convenient if you’re travelling or always on the go. From contemporary ensemble to lazy-day attire, this versatile bag looks good with just about everything.

6. Statement Bag

Statement Bag - Live More Zone

We all have that one bag that straightaway grabs everyone’s attention. An all-eyes-on-me standout piece. Whether it is the colour, shape or embellishment, a statement bag is the hero piece of your look. It can instantly liven up and add glam to the most basic outfit.

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