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5 Amazing Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Loved Ones


One of the most common and heartfelt ways to express our love, gratitude, and appreciation is with a gift. We make it a point to buy the very best present for our loved ones. This year, elevate your gifting game and shower your friends and family with eco-friendly gifts that are sustainable and will have a positive impact on the environment. In case you are wondering, yes, sustainable presents are pocket-friendly and cost-effective.

These green gifts are available in different price ranges, and you can easily find something that fits your budget. We highly recommend these sustainable gifts because they are made from materials that already exist and with non-toxic materials and processes. Plus, eco-friendly gift items are reusable, responsibly-produced, and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Without further ado, we share our recommendation of the 5 best eco-friendly gift ideas and hope, like us, you too are inspired by these sustainable, eco products.

1. Reusable Bottles

Reusable Bottles – Live More Zone

Drinking enough water is crucial for our health. Keeping that in mind, most of us carry a water bottle with us wherever we go. And often, sadly, that bottle happens to be a plastic bottle, sometimes single-use plastic. We all know plastic bottles are bad for the environment. But they’re equally wrong for us. That is why it is time to replace plastic bottles with stainless steel or glass ones.

The reusable bottles are eco-friendly, functional, stylish, and a great gift for colleagues or friends. Not only will the reusable bottle keep them feeling hydrated, but it’s also good for the planet because they will no longer be using plastic bottles anymore. It’s a win-win.

2. Fabric Bag

Fabric Bag – Live More Zone

With single-use plastics being banned, now is the perfect time to ditch those thin, plastic bags for a more durable and eco-conscious option. It would help if you had an extremely functional, handy bag, reusable, and stylish bag. A fabric bag is just that. Plus, you have a wide variety of organic and recycled fabrics to choose from when you want to get one.

From cotton shopping bag to jute tote to denim pouch, there is something for everyone. When it comes to sustainable gift ideas, it doesn’t get better than a fabric bag. From your mother to your aunt to your cousins, you can gift them all a fabric bag and do your bit to make sure they never use plastic bags again.

3. Upcycled Clothes

Upcycled Clothes – Live More Zone

Clothes have always been one of the most popular gift choices. They are easy to shop, everyone needs them, and you can find something in every price range. Sadly, most of the clothing pieces available are not sustainable. However, if you have your heart set on gifting eco-friendly things, you need to invest in an upcycled piece.

Upcycled clothes are made from clothes, accessories, and textile waste. They are made from items that have been purchased, worn, and discarded or items that did not sell. It is recreating new things using old and available stock. If you want to gift a one-of-a-kind outfit, have an upcycled piece made using old stuff. Use leftover pieces of your grandmother’s old clothes to create a new tunic for your mother or transform your dad’s discarded shirt into a dress for your sister. The choices are endless, but the result is the same: sustainable, innovative, and planet-friendly.

4. Organic Beauty and Skincare

Organic Beauty – Live More Zone

Can’t find the right present for your beauty-obsessed eco-warrior best friend or natural product-loving skincare guru boss? Simple! Gift them organic, eco-friendly beauty, and skincare products. Trust us. They will love them. These products are made using sustainably sourced, naturally derived ingredients, are chemical-free and non-toxic. These products will neither damage the skin nor the environment. In the past few years, there has been a significant boom in the organic beauty and skincare market with many brands taking an eco-friendly approach to beauty. From skin care to makeup, you are bound to find something for all skin types, skin tones, genders, and age groups.

5. Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank – Live More Zone

Without a doubt, a power bank is a lifesaver. It instantly chargers your phone when you have no access to any form of electricity. Most of us are as dependent on our power bank as we are on our phones. Sadly, power banks consume a lot of energy and are not eco-friendly. And we may try to cut down on our power bank dependency, but we can’t stop using it completely. How do you then use a power bank without feeling guilty about it? You invest in a solar power bank.

Solar power banks don’t require electricity to charge; therefore, there is no CO2 released when you charge it. Since they are solar-charged, you can charge them anywhere in the open and don’t need a plug point for it. A solar power back an ideal gift for your travel junkie brother or wilderness camping loving cousin and even your social media junkie clients who can’t stay without their phone.


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