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Formal Wear For Men To Carry #LikeABoss


Dressing well is an art and more often than not, it requires many hours of hard work and sweat. But fret not because we have put together all the tricks and tips to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to dressing dapper. In this simple yet comprehensive guide, we have broken down the elements that will help look stylish without looking shapeless. Men, it’s time to suit up comfortably. Who needs a wedding to upgrade your formal wardrobe, right?

It goes without saying that the three main components of formal wear if clubbed together, would be the suit, the accessories, and the shirt worn underneath. Read on to make sure you perfect your formal attire, every single time.

1. Formal Suit

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The true test of a suit’s fit is how it rests on the shoulders. It should hug your shoulders without cutting into your underarms. The last button of your blazer and waistcoat is to be always left open. Unfasten the buttons of your blazer while sitting down to avoid feeling and looking squished.

If wearing a three-piece suit, the waistcoat should end right on top of the belt buckle. Baggy trousers are to be completely avoided when it comes to formal wear.

2. The Shirt

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Buttoning the top button ensures your tie always stays in place. However, see to it that you don’t choke. The sleeves of your shirt should end where your palms start. To make it easier, if the cuffs graze at your wrists, then the fit is perfect. Opt for a wrinkle-free option, and wear a vest underneath if you are perspiring a lot.

3. Accessories

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It is just not about minimal accessories, but also about minimum accessories. The rule of the pocket square is to carry a light shade with a dark suit and vice versa.

Watches complete a formal look. However, be careful to not pair a sports watch with your formal attire. A clean, classic watch is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The contrasting colors of the suit and tie work best. Also, tie bars should be shorter than the width of your tie. The tip of the tie should end right at the buckle of your belt. Sleek, camp closure buckles are your safest bet when it comes to formal attire.

Keep in mind that white socks and short socks are not a part of formal attire and must be avoided. Make sure your shoes always compliment your suit. Tan leather Derby shoes are an obvious choice, besides being a good investment in your wardrobe

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