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Best And Unique Gift Ideas For Every Occasion


While giving gifts to your loved ones is exciting and brings joy, deciding what to gift can be quite a stressful task. So, we have curated a list of fun and possibly the best gift ideas for every occasion to help you choose better. And yes, these gifts ideas need not burn a hole in the pocket. They come in different price ranges to suit every need.

1. Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas  – Live More Zone

By picking something that’s environment friendly, you not only up to your gifting game but also keep the environment in mind. Plus, we can upcycle these gifts. They are sustainable and reusable.

Reusable Bottles: This the perfect gift if your partner or friend or colleague, or anyone you love is into fitness and needs to keep sipping water often. Even otherwise, you can just gift these to promote the healthy habit of drinking water. Plastic bottles are super toxic for the planet and the health. Reusable bottles are made of glass or metal, often painted, and look beautiful.

Reusable Bags: Single-use plastic bags are banned for a reason. Plastic is more damaging to the planet than you can ever imagine. You are gifting your loved one’s fabric bags that can be the most thoughtful gesture. You can even paint or embroider these bags to add a personal touch and make the gift more special.

Organic and Natural Beauty Products: If your friend or sister, or mother is all into beauty and skincare, nothing can be a better gift than organic beauty products. Nowadays, handcrafted natural beauty products are also quite a rage.

If you would like to see more options on eco-friendly gifts, check out this list.

2. Personalised Gift Ideas

Personalised gifts  – Live More Zone

The most special of all gifts is a personalised gift – something that has part of you and your loved one. You can either create something from scratch – like a painting, a handcrafted showpiece or something embroidered. Or you can even get your loved one’s name or photo printed or carved on the gift. For more personalised gift ideas check out this list.

3. Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gifts  – Live More Zone

A Getaway: If you know a couple that loves to travel, they’ll thank you forever for this gift! You can plan the itinerary and book them at cosy hotels and plan their holiday. You can even hire a luxury car for them. Just make sure they are planning to take time off work for Valentine’s Day, though.

Gym Subscription: For couples that love to stay fit, a gym or swimming membership can be the most thoughtful gift, wishing them a healthy and happy-together year ahead. Couple workouts always work the best and are more fun than working out alone.

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4. Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gifts – Live More Zone

Home Décor: Pretty little tealights and incense stick holders to gold-embossed showpieces, you can find any and every quirky home décor item on hordes of websites these days. The new couple will undoubtedly appreciate a gift like that

Bread Maker: This lifesaver can come in handy for almost all couples. Several brands are offering several options. And what better activity than cooking together for a new couple?

Bar Trolley & Bar Accessories: From top brands to your local furniture markets, you will come across several beautiful, vintage, customisable options when it comes to bar accessories and trolleys. You can add cocktail shakers, shot glasses, swizzle sticks, pretty drink umbrellas to the tro9lley or cabinet and your friends will thank you forever for creating their stunning drinks corner in the new house they’re setting up.

Smart TV: Best gift ever! Hands down! Right? Nothing can be better than a smart TV for any couple in this age of OTT platforms and work from home set-ups.

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5. Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts  – Live More Zone

Well, you can indeed gift anything and everything to your loved ones on Christmas or any other festival. But why not try something different yet straightforward and safe?

Daily Essentials: If you wish to play it safe and still leave a smile on their face, this is the best choice. A grooming kit or a spa pampering session for your partner, a fab designer handbag for a friend, the multi-gear bicycle your kids have been wanting, and so on. These gifts can be predictable but certainly, make your loved ones smile.

DIY: Sometimes, you just can’t find the right gift no matter how hard you try. In such scenarios, DIY or handmade is always a reliable option. It is, in fact, the best if you are the creative kind. Knitting a sweater, painting a shirt, making bead jewellery, or simply baking cookies and cake can be lovely yet unique gift ideas.

Statement Photo Frames: There are dozens of online and offline stores that offer uniquely crafted photo frames – not the conventional and boring black, white and brown ones! These frames can be best for capturing Christmas memories and even make an excellent statement home décor item for your loved one’s abode.

For more information on best gift ideas for Christmas click here.

6. Gifting Money

Money gifts  – Live More Zone

For your partner, parents, children or even a best friend, no gift can be as good and thoughtful as money. Not only is it safe and secure, but it also guarantees taking care of your loved one as and if they need it. A mutual fund SIP, a gift bond, foreign currency (if your loved one is an avid traveller), or plain good old cash – money is always well appreciated. Learn more about benefits of sending money as gifts here.



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