16 July 2019 | 3 min read

#HairCare- Here Are 7 Easy Tips To Tame Your Frizzy Hair


For many people, especially those with long hair, good hair days are rare and many times they have to deal with unending disasters caused by frizzy hair. While many would say that there’s nothing you can do to counter it, we’d like to disagree. With some handy tips, you can keep your locks smooth and manageable even during the worst phases of the year like monsoon.

Know Your Hair Type

The first step to managing frizz is knowing your hair type. Is your hair naturally oily or dry? What kind of products works for you? What hair-care routine do you employ? The correct answer to all of those questions is vastly different for everyone, and knowing that is key to keeping your hair healthy and free-flowing in the rainy season.

Keep Things Clean

This one is uniform for every type of hair. Like the rest of the body, the scalp has its sweat glands, which combine with the rains to make the problem worse. Regular oiling, shampoo, and conditioning the hair is essential, especially in the long run.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

In order to strengthen your hair follicles, it is important to maintain a diet that is rich in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids like mackerel, salmon, walnuts, spinach and dahi. Besides, it goes without saying that a good diet is an important aspect of a healthy life and ignoring it can have adverse effect on your overall well-being as well.

Go Natural

There’s no shortage of products in the market claiming to help you fight the frizz. While many of them may be successful at it, too, there’s nothing like natural substances like neem, coconut or almond oil to reduce dehydration and keep those ends un-split.

Style It Up

It doesn’t matter how attached to your regular hairstyle you are, it’s probably a good idea to come up with a different one during the difficult season of monsoons and winters, especially if the current one is especially prone to getting frizzy.

Visit A Hair Spa

Going to a local salon for hair spa is recommended almost throughout the year, but this becomes a necessity when your hair requires extra attention. This is because regular spa treatments are essential to nourish your hair and roots. Coloured hair, being chemically treated, needs extra care and protection.

Conditions Apply

Conditioner is something not many people give too much importance to, even if it’s by far your single most significant shield against bad hair days. Not only does it keep the hair smooth, but it also keeps them healthy, and helps you avoid split ends and dry hair that can make the problem even worse in the rain.

by Himanshu Sharma


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