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10 Unique Indian Wedding Gift Ideas


Anyone who’s ever been married will most likely have a cupboard full of unwanted, unused gifts gathering dust, handed over at their wedding by well-meaning relatives and friends who didn’t take the time to understand what a young couple needs genuinely. Anyone who says otherwise is probably lying. But you can be a better friend! No doubt it’s tough to buy the perfect Indian wedding  gifts for couples, but we’re here to help you with some kickass ideas and fun ways to show your friends and family that you genuinely care. Yes, that means no more wine  glasses, crockery  or coasters.

Read on for our fun guide to buying Indian wedding gifts for friends and other Indian wedding gifts ideas that are thoughtful and unique. Wait before you go. Did you know that you can use your digibank debit card  to buy all these gifts from various shopping websites. Discounts and unbeatable gifts – trust us, this is the best combo possible.

1. Barbecue & Grill

Barbecue & Grill  – Live More Zone

For any couple with a little bit of balcony space, a barbecue makes for a super thoughtful gift! As far as Indian wedding gifts go, this is unusual, useful, and well, hopefully, you’ll get to eat yummy grilled food for a long, long time. We suggest you check out Weber’s range in India.

2. Duvets & Covers

Duvets & Covers  – Live More Zone

There’s nothing better than the feeling of snuggling under your duvet at the end of the day. If you’re looking for Indian wedding gifts for close friends, invest in an excellent double duvet and a pretty linen duvet cover and pillow cover set. Your friends will thank you!

3. Stand Mixer

Stand Mixer  – Live More Zone

If you’re specifically looking for Indian wedding gifts ideas for couples who bake together or bake many desserts, a stand mixer is an excellent idea. It would be great if you checked if they have the space for it before buying it, but a stand mixer makes the perfect addition to any baker’s kitchen, and they’re going to love you either way.

4. Book Sets

Book Sets  – Live More Zone

You can never go wrong with books! The ideal wedding gifts for couples who read could either invest in a few choice coffee table books that match their interests or unique clothbound book sets that look beautiful and add appeal to any bookshelf or room. Do some heavy research, and make sure you read reviews before buying any books! For pretty clothbound editions of your friends’ favourite classics, check out Ikka Dukka. And for some fantastic literary merchandise to go along with it, check out Musings of a Reader.

5. Mixed Decor

Mixed Decor  – Live More Zone

From pretty little incense stick holders to gold pineapples, take the time to visit multiple stores or websites (you can start with Nicobar) and create a lovely basket or hamper full of exciting items that match their personalities and can be placed around the house. A hamper like this is a great way to incorporate both the bride and groom’s likes and is a unique Indian wedding gifts idea. We’d also recommend Rosebuck’s lovely bubble candles and colourful vases.

6. Bread Maker

Bread Maker  – Live More Zone

If your friends don’t have an oven, are slightly health-conscious or are careful about what they consume, a bread maker is a fantastic gift. There are multiple options from multiple brands, and hey, it’s a fun activity for them to learn together. Unique Indian wedding gifts? You can say that again.

7. Statement Photo Frames

 Statement Photo Frames – Live More Zone

No, we don’t mean any old photo frames from any old store. Put in the effort and look for statement photo frames to put their wedding pictures and display them proudly. Check out stores like Good Earth or Apartment 9, for starters. You’ll probably get a whole lot more Indian wedding gifts ideas as well.

8. Bar Trolley & Accessories

Bar Trolley & Accessories  – Live More Zone

From Ikea to your local furniture market, you’ll find plenty of options for cute bar trolleys, and in different colours to boot. They don’t need to be huge (although if you’re looking for unique Indian wedding gifts for couples and you’re not on a budget, you could check out those full-sized bar cabinets as well). Add to that some unique bar accessories like cocktail shakers, shot glasses, swizzle sticks, even cute drink umbrellas, and voila! You’ve created a little drinks corner they

can take anywhere!

9. Kickass Television

Kickass Television  – Live More Zone

If you and your friends are looking to pool in for Indian wedding gifts for friends that they’ll use — almost every day — share your resources, knowledge and most importantly, money for a big-screen TV. It is the perfect gift! Make sure you do your homework first, though!

10. Suitcases

Suitcases  – Live More Zone

No, we’re not crazy, and no, we’re not talking about VIP either. Many brands have suitcase sets that are stylish, light, easy to wheel around, and are perfect for taking on a honeymoon. Suitcase sets are highly personal in the sense that this is a gift that they’ll use and cherish many many times over a good decade or so. These could be the perfect Indian wedding gifts for couples who often travel, too. We recommend you check out Samsonite for some beautiful, albeit expensive, options.

There you have it! Indian wedding gifts don’t have to be boring or run-of-the-mill. Find out who the couple truly is, what their passions are, and you’ll have the answers clear as day! For more Indian wedding gifts ideas, check out our list of eco-friendly gift ideas here. Of course, when all else fails, a luxury couples spa always work. After all, Indian weddings are tiring!



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