11 January 2021 | 4 min read

5 Must-Have Running Accessories For Your Running Routine


The best way to ramp up those endorphins and other such happy hormones? Go for a quick run around your block. Whether you are a seasoned runner or are planning to built stamina and endurance in the coming year (as part of your freshly jotted-down resolutions), you are already halfway there.

Running, more than anything else is about your mental endurance. You have to both physically and mentally push your limits to reap its long-term benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Running?

Benefits of running – Live More Zone

For starters, running adds years to your life, and it is scientifically proven. You don’t have to run marathons every month but just a little way once a week will pump you up. Also, running helps in regulating your sleep cycle and enables you to sleep better.

It also helps in improving your back and knee. Yes, this is true, and active runners always fare better when it comes to their joints health as per various studies. It is also one of the few exercises that help you lose weight and keep it off for a long time. What’s more? Running consistently helps boost your immunity (we all can do with some of that right thanks to Covid and otherwise), lowers your blood pressure, and effectively helps bolster your mood.

Accessories To Supplement Your Running

Now that you are aware of the myriad benefits of running, it only makes sense to check out running accessories to help you run better and longer. Here are the essentials that you can pick up before you hit the running tracks.

1. Running Shoes

Running Shoes – Live More Zone

You cannot run without shoes. But more important is to find good shoes so that you don’t injure yourself when you run track. And the best ones are all about offering great comfort and support to your feet and shin and should be well-cushioned to absorb the impact of running longer miles. You can check out Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Skechers for their range of running shoes. However, if you are looking for something under a budget, Decathlon offers a great variety of running shoes for less money.

2. Bluetooth Headphones/Earphones

Headphones – Live More Zone

Not an essential but required when it comes to running. Wireless and Bluetooth earphones are a savior when you want to run every day. You can listen to the song, pre-recorded guides from coaches on various apps like NRC (Nike Running Club), or put anything you want that helps you run. Moreover, most of the Bluetooth earphones are pairable with fitness bands and watches, which makes attending to calls and urgent messages easier. There is a variety of running headphones that are specifically designed to help make your runs smoother.

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3. Fitness band

Fitness Band – Live More Zone

After the earphone, you might as well buy the fitness band or smartwatch. It helps you track your steps, but the latest versions are updated with indoor modes of workout like skipping, yoga, and even taking the stairs. All of this is something people are actively doing thanks to the stay-at-home orders during the pandemic. You can track your run, cadence, calories burnt, and more with this.

4. Running Gear/Activewear

Running Gear – Live More Zone

Goes without saying that shopping for running gear/ activewear will help you make your run easier is a no-brainer. This includes dry-fit t-shirts and leggings/joggers/shorts, depending on what you prefer. And sports bra with medium to high-impact support if you are looking for one. Good quality socks are also recommended when running and making sure you purchase a couple of pairs before you start your running journey.

5. Running Waist Pouch

Waist Pouch – Live More Zone

Not a necessity if you are going for a small run or jog, but for endurance runs where you are training for marathons, a running waist pouch or a fanny pack will come in real handy. These are not only spacious and designed to distribute weight evenly around your waist but help in carrying your phone, house keys, ID cards, and other things that you find essential and would need right after your run. Almost all the prominent sports brands are manufacturing one and pretty colors. Take your pick and buy the one you would want to flaunt on your run.



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