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10 Cute Pregnancy Dresses That are Comfy


Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life. As such she realizes that she is soon going to bring a new human to life. It is also a time when she has to pamper herself and take utmost care of herself. It can also be a trying and testing time for many, but it is important that a mommy-to-be takes a lot of care of herself. For working mothers, it becomes a task to go to work and take care of themselves during pregnancy.

Women undergo a lot of changes during pregnancy such putting on weight and not fitting into old clothes. But worry not, we have curated a special list of maternity clothes that would help you feel good about yourself and make a fashion statement. Who says showing off your baby bump in pregnancy outfits is only for celebrities? You too, can turn into a celebrity with these Pregnancy dresses.

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List of most comfortable maternity dresses:

1. Denim Jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit – Live More Zone

A denim jumpsuit makes to the list of every woman’s most l since time immemorial. A denim jumpsuit usually comes in all shapes and sizes and looks best when paired with white sneakers and a white t-shirt. You can also wear glares that can complete your pregnancy glam look with this age-old favourite amongst pregnancy dresses.

2. T-shirt dress

T-shirt dress – Live More Zone

Pregnancy dresses are all about being comfy, am I right? Well, if you are on a shoestring budget during your pregnancy, you can check out t-shirt dresses that are available on every website. You can team up your t-shirt dress with a pair of leggings or just wear it like that along with sneakers, cap and glares. Maternity clothes clearly don’t get any better than this.

3. Track pants and tank tops

Track pants and top – Live More Zone

One can’t possibly have enough of track pants and tank tops, right! I mean it is the most comfortable outfit in the world, let alone pregnancy.  For the yummy mummies who are facing summer woes in pregnancies, track pants and razor backs are the perfect pregnancy dresses. A lot of celebs too prefer to wear and pose in track pants and tank tops during their pregnancies and showing off their baby bumps. Forget the gym, track pants and tank tops are the hot new maternity clothes.

4. High-Waisted Skirt + Camisole + Pumps

High Waist Skirt – Live More Zone

For the mommies in their early days of pregnancy, they might want to experiment with their looks, to pick out the perfect maternity dresses. If you want to attend a party with your significant other, then we suggest you pair a high-waisted skirt with a lace camisole and white pumps, to add that oomph factor to your pregnancy look. If you are making a pregnancy look book, then look no further because this combination of pregnancy dresses will definitely set the temperatures soaring.

5. Oversize silk dress + platforms

Silk Dress  – Live More Zone

During your second trimester, it might become a bit of a task to get clothes that fit, versus trying to look your best for work or a party. So, if you are heading to meet your friends or for a party with your partner or baby daddy, we suggest you team up an oversize silk dress with platforms. Maternity clothes are all about comfort, and nothing can be comfier than an oversize silk dress that looks good and feels superbly chic. Since wearing heels might not be advisable due to health reasons, platforms are your go-to shoes during pregnancy.

6. Midi wrap dress

Midi wrap dress – Live More Zone

Third, trimesters are all about find the right set of pregnancy outfits that is not just comfortable but also loose-fitting, as it is no time to wear tight or skin-hugging clothes. Women braving the Indian summers should get their hands on midi-wrap dresses that don’t cling to you, nor do they make you sweat or rub into your skin.

7. Empire-Waist Trench Coat + Knee-High Boots

Trench Coat  – Live More Zone

If you are a mommy expecting a baby in the winters, we might suggest you go all out and indulge in buying an empire-waist trench coat and some knee-high boots. Not only are they superbly comfortable and keep you warm, but they might also serve as a way to hide your baby bump if you vary about showing it off. This suggestion is for the mommies who don’t mind spending a lot on pregnancy outfits.

8. Airy Shirtdress+ Flat Sandals

Shirt Dress  – Live More Zone

A shirt dress is one of the best maternity clothes there are. Pair up a denim shirt dress that won’t be snug but will allow your skin and body to breathe and slip in those flat sandals if your back or feet are sore or hurt. This combination also makes it to the list of women’s favourite pregnancy dresses.

9. Peplum top +Denims +Loafers

Peplum Top  – Live More Zone

If you are in the first few weeks of your pregnancy, you might find it easy to fit in clothes as your bump wouldn’t be visible as yet. But you would also need to avoid tight-fitting clothes and heels. So, if you are finding it hard to find pregnancy dresses, we might suggest you take out that Peplum Top and pair it with denim and loafers.  This is super comfy and an affordable look, and you can walk a mile in it or even be able to catch a train or bus. This is easy for the body and the pocket.

10. Ribbed Tank Midi dress

Midi Dress – Live More Zone

If you are a mommy who has a rebellious streak, look no further, and buy yourself a ribbed tank midi dress. Not only is it super comfy, but it is also super classy and chic. If you want to avoid sleeveless dresses, you can pair them up with a jacket or wear a t-shirt beneath the dress. It is one of the rare maternity clothes that make you want to be chic and be experimentative.

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