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8 Cute Rainy Day Outfits You Must Try


Rains  are notoriously famous for putting a damper on a lot of things. From last-minute cancellation of your prior commitments to reconsidering your carefully planned ensembles, rain has a bad habit of messing things up. And since you cannot cancel, reschedule or show up late for every single engagement on account of the rains, it is best to find a solution that will get you through the next few months without much hassle.

The good news is – we have a solution to this problem. The trick to surviving this season is by investing in rainy season clothes that will help you get through the most torrential downpour. As it turns out, there are many stylish clothes for the rainy season to choose from. You can effortlessly put together fashionable rainy day outfits with the right pieces without compromising on your style.

We have put together a list of 8 cute rainy day outfit ideas that will make you wish it would rain more often. Scroll on for the inspiration, and be sure to save them for a rainy day!

1. Raincoat

 Raincoat – Live More Zone

True to its name, the raincoat is the most quintessential rainy wear item. Available in various lengths, styles, patterns and materials, raincoats nowadays are both functional and fashionable. Wear a mid-length transparent PVC raincoat over a colour block ensemble, or layer your little black dress with a full length printed piece.

2. Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof Backpack  – Live More Zone

There will be rainy days when you will need to carry a whole lot of items. A waterproof backpack is just what you need to keep your things dry during the wet season. Available in a wide range of cute designs and fun colours, you can easily pair your backpack with a variety of rainy day outfits. For a laid back easy look, carry it with denim shorts, a water-resistant jacket and tee,casual-chic, and for a casual-chic vibe, pair it with a skater dress, denim jacket and printed umbrella.

3. Gumboots

Gumboots  – Live More Zone

Unlike the ones from our school days, these gumboots are anything but boring and basic. Combing utility with style, you can choose from a diverse range of lengths, colours, prints and patterns. Easy to pair with most of your rainy day outfits, you can wear them to college, for running errands and even to weekend brunches.

4. Cropped Pants

Cropped Pants  – Live More Zone

When it comes to the rainy season clothes, cropped pants are a boon. The length is just about perfect for protecting your hemlines from getting soiled, stained and soaked. Plus, it is super easy to pair with a variety of rain-friendly shoes. Wear a pair of cropped pants with a printed top and blazer to the office, and on the weekend, throw on a cute tee along with high-waisted wide-leg cropped jeans.

5. Midi Dress

 Midi Dress – Live More Zone

Just because it is wet outside doesn’t mean you stop wearing a dress. The ideal rainy dress is one that is not too long and whose length won’t be an obstruction in your path. The midi dress is perfect for the season. From office to post work drinks and from family lunches to dates, you can effortlessly wear a midi dress to any occasion. Thrown on a water-resistant bomber jacket and a colourful umbrella for a weekend soirée and style it with water-proof shoes, light weight blazer and belt for a business meeting.

6. Vibrant Colour Top

Vibrant Colour Top  – Live More Zone

With the weather perpetually being dull and grey, make sure your clothes for rainy season are not the same. Adding a vibrant colour top to your look is a great way to instantly uplift even your most basic rainy day outfits. You can either pair them with neutral bottoms or style a colour block look by pairing it with another vibrant colour piece. No matter how you like to wear it, the infused colour in your outfit is bound to lift your mood even on the gloomiest day.

7. Hoodie and Sweatpants

 Hoodie and Sweatpants – Live More Zone

Ideally, clothes worn in rainy season need to be comfortable, flexible and durable. You need something that will let your skin breathe during these hot and humid days as well as not obstruct your movement and are easy to maintain. Hoodie and sweatpants ticks off on all counts. Wear it with a pair of gumboots for grocery shopping or layer it with a long trench coat for a casual get-together with your friends. With a variety of sleek and trendy sweatpants available you can easily create a polished athleisure look for the office as well.

8. Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat  – Live More Zone

Since we can’t escape the rains, the next best thing to do is dress for rainy season and protect yourself, your skin  and hair. Especially, your hair. A lot of people experience hair damage during the rainy season and to prevent that for happening include a water-resistant bucket hat with your rainy day outfits. Not only will this offer an extra cover to your hair but it will also elevate your look and give it a more stylish touch. Style it with a mid-length raincoat, cropped pants and polka top for a polished work-wear friendly look and for a more casual look wear it with a pair of sweatpants, t-shirt and gumboots.

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