16 July 2019 | 4 min read

#MonsoonEssentials – These 8 Rain-Friendly Shoes Are Ideal For Monsoon


Heavy rain, raging wind humidity: now that the lovely monsoon is here it’s time for our least-favorite activity ever: puddle stomping. And of course, we don’t mean on purpose. In fact, Mumbai Murphy’s Second Law should probably be, ‘At a time when you least need to step into a big fat giant puddle of water accidentally, you most definitely will.’

To make puddle-stomping a little less excruciating, we’ve compiled a list of rain-friendly shoes that combine functionality with style — making puddle hopping, rain, and the monsoon weather a bit more fun and bearable. They’ll even protect you from diseases!


These have the distinction of being the most practical and yet least stylish option. However, we cannot deny that these do their job really well. Usually made from rubber or PVC, the calf-length ones protect you and your clothes from water, muddy ground and bugs.
Decathlon has a range of gumboots for women, children, and men. You can check it out here.

Apna Flip Flops

You know the ones. The ones you used to wear outside all the time but now wear inside the house, sometimes even while bathing. The ones you grab when you need to go pick up something from the store real quick. Although beloved, they’re also the most expendable and flimsy, and affordable to replace. We suggest sacrificing them to the rain gods this monsoon. RIP.


No, not the ones with the holes. They have a whole range of shoes, sandals, boots and even wedges that don’t soak up water, are easy to clean and let’s face it, look better than gumboots and flip flops. Pssst, they also have flip flops. Best part – you can even get an INR 1,000 discount when you shop from here. Shop here.


Finding a genuinely waterproof slip-on is difficult. Most of them start to peel or change color, and then the soles may fall off, followed by the insoles, which will strip in no time. When you do find the perfect pair for you, make sure you wear it only through drizzles and avoid waterlogged areas.

These are easy to take off beneath your desk once you reach work {yes, eww}, so even if there is a little bit of wetness, that AC will dry it up real quick. We suggest finding a decent pair of canvas slip-ons online or in local shops near your home.

All-Terrain Shoes

If you’re taking the local train, have to fight for space, or need to travel long distances and avoid motorbikes and buses splashing dirty, muddy water on you, these are the shoes for you. They come in a vast range of colors and sizes across a range of prices, so you can pick one that suits you. adidas, New Balance, and Reebok all have good options.

Mary Janes

Mary Jane is an American term {it used to be a registered trademark} for a closed, low-cut shoe with one {or more} straps across the instep. If you can’t wear jeans and all-terrain shoes to work, or you need to go somewhere a little bit more formal, ladies these are your best friend. Clarks is usually the go-to for this kind of shoes, but you’ll find cheaper options almost anywhere else.

Cordovan Leather Shoes

If you’ve got the money, there’s nothing better than Cordovan leather shoes. This is basically a type of leather used in high-end shoes, and is one of the most non-porous leather materials available today, and is super-durable. You can find a good range online, but the prices aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Pro-tip: make sure you read up on how to care for them properly.


Sneakers are rarely waterproof and take forever to dry, making them super impractical. Plus they come with the added disadvantage of wet socks. However, if you can manage to find genuinely waterproof sneakers that are easy to clean, never look back. From Steve Madden to adidas, Nike, and Bata, you will find a bunch of options, but make sure to check out all the reviews.

by Urvee Modwel


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