30 June 2020 | 3 min read

10 Amazing Sportswear Brands in India You Must Check Out


Health is wealth. Whether you prefer running, yoga, Zumba, or HIIT, fitness has become a vital part of our everyday life. And while you already have a couple of tees and tracks in your wardrobe, we highly recommend picking up fitness gear most suited for your workout routine. These sportswear brands in India are bursting with unlimited fashionable choices and function with style and comfort. From sustainable to size-inclusive, here are the ten best sportswear brands in India, changing its fitness and fashion game.

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1. Yogue Activewear

Yogue Activewear is a fashion-forward sportswear brand in India that makes comfortable pieces that can easily be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. The brand provides high-quality activewear for both men and women. With utmost attention given to fit, fabric, and finish, Yogue Activewear is the go-to athleisure sportswear brand for fashion and fitness lovers.

2. Spirit Animal

Launched in the winter of 2018, Spirit Animal is one of the premier plus size sportswear brands in India. Irrespective of size and shape, Spirit Animal strongly believes that all women should be comfortable in their skin and achieve their fitness, health, and wellness goals without compromising on fit, quality of the fabric, and aesthetics. Offering high-quality and well-designed shorts, joggers, leggings, tee, sports bra, and jackets, Spirit Animal is all about fitness, function, and fashion.

3. Kica

Kica is one of the best fitness brands in India that specializes in affordable, high-quality, and stylish activewear. From tops, sports bras, and jackets to legging, joggers and shorts, Kica will inspire you to stretch boundaries, break resistance, and define new goals.

4. Flirtatious

Started in 2013, Flirtatious is an uber-chic swimwear brand. A water baby’s treasure trove, you will find a wide array of colour block bikini, neon swimsuit, and floaty cover-up. The brand also offers eye-catching beachwear and an athleisure piece in their trademark vibrant hues with a breezy vibe hint.

5. Stretchery

Sustainability is at the core of Stretchery, centred around clothes made from eco-friendly materials and processes. All products are crafted using fair trade organic cotton and are devoid of harmful chemicals, toxic dyes, and pigments. From production to packaging, the brand is 100% plastic-free. The main aim of combining comfort and style is to create versatile, sustainable collections embracing all body types and ages.

6. Deivee

Milind Soman and Darshan M. Built founded this ethical fashion activewear brand on the ethos of conscious commerce. Deviee specifically caters to Indian sensibilities and body types, offering innovative products like performance Kurtis, harem pants, skeggings, eco-friendly yoga bags, and bamboo straws. All their items are produced in fair trade facilities and made in India using raw materials like organic cotton, banana fibre, wild grass, coconuts, copper, natural rubber, and recycled polyester.

7. Myriad

This fashion-minded sportswear brand in India perfectly strikes a balance between active and personal lives. Myriad is full of items that transform from gym to club. Vibrant colour block, modern design, and high-performance breathable that give optimum movement combined make Myriad one of the top sports brands in India without limitations.

8. Satva

This eco-friendly brand is a game-changer in the sustainable activewear space. Satva creates ethical and socially responsible products by partnering with Suminter India Organics®, an environmental and socially conscious organic cotton production corporation in India. The brand has an all-natural approach to organic cotton cultivation, free from pesticides and fertilizers – allowing nature to take its course and develop self-sustaining ecosystems.

The products are free from chemicals such as bleaches, toxic waxes, sulfur, and heavy metals commonly used in the production of clothing. They only use natural, non-toxic dyes, and the best part is that their clothing does not compromise on style and fit.

9. Proyog

Perfect for yoga lovers, Proyog combines Indian silhouettes with comfort to create non-restrictive clothes like dhoti pants, wrap tops, yoga tunic, and more. To enhance yoga practice, they have developed and trademarked HYPERBREATH™ fabric, which is organic, ultra-soft, core-spun, and breathable that offers airiness and comfort. The clothes designed are soft and stretchable, not too tight nor too loose, with just the right amount of flexibility to move your body while doing the asanas.

10. Silvertraq

Slvertraq offers technical and fashion-forward performance wear for both men and women. Silvertraq’s garments are designed with functional features such as easy to stretch, sweat-wicking, anti-odour, breathability, and incorporated with quick-dry properties. From running, training, yoga to sports such as tennis, football, golf, Silvertraq stylishly helps you excel in your athletic and sporting ability.

So, what are you waiting for, go buy your activewear from these best Indian sportswear brands.



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