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Why Should We Consider Sustainable Fashion


By now, we all are well aware of the fashion industry’s harmful effects on the environment. Excessive production by brands and over-consumption by consumers leads to natural resources being depleted faster than they can be renewed. And if this continues any longer, the result will be catastrophic not just for the planet but for all living beings as well.

Taking note of the impending danger, fashion brands worldwide have been reconsidering their practices and are now opting for fashion sustainability. Before we talk about fashion and sustainability , it is essential to understand what sustainable fashion is? Sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes, and accessories designed, manufactured, marketed, and used in environmentally friendly ways.

To make sustainability in fashion an everyday practice and norm, brands need to invest in developing a system where the environmental impacts of making, wearing, caring, and disposing of the clothes are considered. The brands also need to reduce water consumption and contamination, energy emissions, chemical usage, and waste creation. To encourage sustainability in the fashion industry, brands must use organic raw materials, produce, and store the products in eco-friendly facilities, responsibly transport them, and do their best to ensure that the items can be recycled and repurposed after use.

Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

1. It is Good for Your Health

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Sustainable clothes are not only good for the planet, but they are suitable for your health too. The chemicals used to dye the clothes and protect the fabrics from insects ends up polluting the water, sub-layers of soil and air all at once. Sustainable garments are made from pesticide-free natural fibres and non-toxic dyes. We know sustainable clothes are eco-friendly, but they are also skin-friendly as they are devoid of any harmful chemicals that may cause bad allergies, itching and skin rashes.

2. It Is Cost-Effective

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Sustainably aren’t just about how clothes are made. It is also about how clothes are used. Unlike fast fashion clothes that have a concise shelf life, sustainable garments have more extended longevity. Sustainable, eco-friendly clothes will last you for years without much damage and wear and tear. And once you are done with the piece, you can have it resold at a pre-loved or vintage store. This way, you cut down on excessive consumption as well as avoid waste creation.

3. It Is Ethical

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It is no secret that many small children work in sweatshops, and the employees of clothing factories don’t always work in safe conditions. One of the sustainable fashion business model hallmarks is providing fair labour practices and proper wages to those working in these factories. Besides protecting the environment, sustainable fashion is also ethical, follow reasonable labour practices, provide safety and fair wages for all employees working in factories and supports human rights.

4. It Is Higher Quality

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Eco-friendly fabrics are free of harsh chemicals and toxic dyes, and they are more robust and long-lasting. That is why sustainable clothes are of much higher quality when compared to fast fashion and mass-produced clothing. Sustainable clothing also helps cut down on consumerism and guarantees you won’t have to continue buying new clothes all the time. This helps reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you money.

5. It Reduces Pollution

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Sustainable fashion is synonymous with eco-friendly. Fashion that is not sustainable is responsible for carbon dioxide emissions, water pollution, poisoning the soil and enriching the landfills with vast amounts of toxic waste.

Besides reducing pollution, sustainable clothing brands use less water, renewable energy to manufacture goods, recycled or eco-friendly fabrics in their clothing, dispose of waste in ethical ways and opt for green shipping packaging.

With more and more demand for sustainability  in fashion, the industry is now developing a more climate positive, eco-friendly, and ethical approach and working towards a greener future. Brands are now increasingly opting for transparent processes, energy-efficient supply chains, fair working conditions and recyclable materials. With these new developments, the fashion industry needs to significantly change how it does things and invest in sustainable fashion trends that could propel the industry forward. Globally and domestically, many fashion brands are pivoting towards a sustainable future  with their eco-friendly and organic range of clothes and accessories.

Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

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Now, that we have convinced you to invest in sustainable fashion, head to these three Indian sustainable fashion brands that you should check out ASAP.

  • No stranger to sustainable fashion, Karishma Shahani-Khan’s brand Ka-Sha creates clothes and accessories from fabric waste and aesthetically repurposes them into jackets, tunics, dresses, and other items. The brand is constantly trying to find innovations linked to sustainable fashion and waste management.
  • With upcycling being the brand’s driving force, Doodlage upcycles fashion and factory waste and creates short, limited edition collections. With its goal towards zero waste production, Doodlage uses other reusable wastes and converted them into accessories, stationery, and paper for their packaging.
  • No Nasties is an organic fashion label that uses organic cotton and provides fair trade prices. In India’s first clothing brand to get a Fairtrade license, the brand claims that its products are free of any kind of animal testing and cruelty, and it does not use silk, leather, fur, bone, shell, and wool.


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