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9 Tips For Buying Men’s Activewear


Suppose you have decided to embrace the fit lifestyle, first of all, congratulations. Second, you’re going to be needing a wardrobe update. Depending on whether you’re set to become a through-and-through gym rat, a basketball player, a runner, an acrobat, or a yogi, you will have to invest in some athleisure that brings out your best performance.

There’s a whole world of men’s activewear out there, and we’re helping you navigate through it. Keep this checklist in mind when you’re out shopping for men’s workout clothes.

1. Figure out your size

 Figure out your size – Live More Zone

Sizes for gym wear for men won’t be the same as your regular T-shirts and trousers. Remember you’re going to be at your most active in these, so you’ll need room to stretch, twist, dance, leap – whatever you intend to do.

Make sure you’ve got your measurements down accurately, and always refer to size charts for every brand. One brand’s M can be the same as another’s L. Make sure the clothes are fitting but not so tight that you tear them the minute you morph into your chakrasana . You should be able to go in a full stretch mode without your clothes giving up on you.

2. Pay attention to the fabric

Fabric – Live More Zone

You need something which can absorb moisture (yes, we mean sweat) but at the same time, manage to stay dry and be stretchable, so your workouts are uninterrupted. This rules out the most popular summer fabric, cotton.

Go for blends instead – cotton (80%) mixed with polyester or spandex works well as it absorbs all the sweat and prevents chafing. You can also consider alternate fabrics made out of bamboo fibres, re-used coffee grounds etc. There are lots of sustainable options out there now, and it’s always a good idea to keep the environment in mind even when it comes to workout clothes for men, don’t you think?

3. Always try them on!

Try clothes – Live More Zone

If you’re shopping at a store in person, try all your options before you zero in on ‘the one.’ Do some quick stretches such as lunges or running on the spot, so you get an idea of how durable the mens’ activewear is. You don’t want to make an impulse purchase and find out later that mobility is an issue.

4. Lap up reviews

Quality review – Live More Zone

If you’re doing your shopping online and hence can’t try the clothes on, don’t skimp on reading what others say about the brand.

Yes, there are lots of fake/paid reviews on the internet, so you’ll need to spend some time sifting through different platforms, and you’re bound to find common opinion/experiences about the product you’re interested in. It’s also worth checking out their social media pages and see engagement – this can be a direct indicator of how well-liked their products are by existing users.

5. Shop as per your sport/workout

Activewear shopping  – Live More Zone

You can’t wear basketball shorts to yoga and expect optimal performance, can you?

Most athleisure brands will have clear-cut categories for men’s activewear according to the type of exercise you will be doing. This is important as different workouts involve different movements and call for different fits. This becomes increasingly important if you’re buying shoes, so make sure you know what you’re doing. Else, ask a representative for help.

6. Stay chic

Athleisure  – Live More Zone

Athleisure is gaining more and more popularity as a fashion statement. So, chances are you can go through the entire day in your athleisure (assuming you’re going to work out in the evening, please don’t stay in the same clothes post sweating).

It is also essential to stay true to your aesthetics, so if you like bold colours, go ahead and buy bright red and blue T-shirts for your daily workouts.

7. Look out for extra features

Extra feature  – Live More Zone

Is listening to music on your phone vital to you as you go for a morning jog? Make sure your outfit has the space to accommodate your cell phone. It’s helpful to make a list of expectations from your athleisure and then tackle your needs one by one.

8. Be sustainable!

 Sustainable fashion – Live More Zone

It’s essential to know how your activewear is made. If you come across mens’ activewear which is suspiciously cheap, don’t just spring for the deal – find out why. Support brands that support ethical production  and are conscious about the carbon footprint they’re leaving behind. We know how important it is for you to have a clear conscience.

9. Keep the weather in mind

Weather  – Live More Zone

If you work out outdoors, keep your city’s climate type in mind. If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, it might be wise to invest in waterproof athleisure. Similarly, if you experience scorching weather most of the year, opt for breathable clothing.

The bottom line is, there is no one clear-cut clothing choice for everyone. You have to figure out what is important to you and invest in the best men’s workout clothes for you.

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