2 February 2021 | 4 min read

7 Tips For Shopping Secondhand Clothes


Second-hand shopping is not only a great way to save money, but it is also a massive step towards protecting the environment. By trying to achieve a zero-waste wardrobe, you are doing your bit to reduce the large amount of clothing waste that pollutes the environment. We have gotten too accustomed to impulse buying with fast fashion and great online deals that we do not realize how much we contribute to the toxic waste which is gravely harming our planet. Hence, second-hand shopping may seem daunting initially as it requires a big switch from your regular shopping habits. So for that reason, we have curated expert tips to start you off on your zero-waste journey.

1. Assess your wardrobe

Assess Your Wardrobe – Live More Zone

Before you start looking for your cool vintage outfit in a thrift store, it is advisable to take a look into your wardrobe. Select the clothes you plan on keeping on and separate the ones who haven’t seen the light of day in years. Start your second shopping journey, by donating the clothes that just take space in your cupboard and never get worn. Identifying the gaps in your wardrobe streamlines your second-hand shopping experience a lot.

2. Make a detailed list

Make A Detailed List – Live More Zone

Walking into a thrift store or browsing for second-hand clothes online without a plan can make the whole experience chaotic. We all have a wish-list for our wardrobe, but it is still advisable to make a realistic list of clothes one needs. Once you have assessed your wardrobe, you will know which outfits or pieces you don’t have and specifically look for those. A zero-waste wardrobe requires mindfulness, so it is essential to stick to the list and not end up in a similar cycle of wasteful buying with second-hand clothes.

3. Make a budget

Make A Budget – Live More Zone

It is possible to get carried away while rummaging through thrift stores and make impulsive purchases. Sticking to our streamlined process, we suggest you establish a budget in advance and remember how much you are willing to spend on a particular outfit you need. Staying within your budget will keep a check on undue expenditure and help you not deviate from your list.

4. Identify the stores

Identify The Stores – Live More Zone

Second-hand clothes shopping experience will require a few visits to thrift stores around you. It is not just limited to physical stores. You can browse for second hand-clothes online as well. Apart from that, you can hit up some resale or consignment stores as well. Whether you go to a physical store or browse online, it helps to know and prioritize your stores and identify which ones cater to your style. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of choices and only shortlist the stores which you love.

5. Be comfortable

Be Comfortable – Live More Zone

This pointer is an important one if you are going to do your second hand-shopping physically. It requires a lot of time and patience, so it is in your best interest to be prepared. Carry a water bottle and a small snack in your purse because thrift shopping isn’t for the faint-hearted. Make sure you have an outfit that is easy to slip in and out of to do your trials at ease. Also, wear your most comfortable sneakers because second-hand clothes shopping can involve a lot of walking.

6. Don’t be swayed by fake designer labels

Fake Designer Labels – Live More Zone

Labels shouldn’t be the only thing you are looking for while shopping for second-hand clothes. You should buy an outfit because you like it, not because of its label. If you are explicitly shopping at vintage shops, you need to make sure you are not getting fooled by a fake brand and paying extra for an imitation piece. It is advisable to check the detailing and finishing carefully and trust your gut while examining a garment’s authenticity.

7. Take your time

Take Your Time – Live More Zone

Whether you are shopping for second-hand clothes online or visiting a store, take your time to look around. Don’t be shy of taking a couple of tours of the store before you shortlist some stuff for trial. It is advisable to browse for a while before you start buying. Taking the time out to check out the store’s entire collection will ensure you don’t miss out on any hidden gems.

So with these few essential tips, you will be able to ace the second-hand shopping game and achieve a zero-waste wardrobe. If you can’t find second-hand shops near you, then there are some great online options like Kiabaza and Etashee. If you are looking for great online deals, head to digibank and get the best deals at a click of a button.



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